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OWL Stage 4: New York Excelsior Utilizes Brigitte To Defeat London Spitfire

Posted 25th May 2018 By: Derpina    265 Views

OWL Stage 4: New York Excelsior Utilizes Brigitte To Defeat London Spitfire

Esports News – This week is the final stage of Overwatch League (OWL) inaugural season and with it came the introduction of the game’s newest hero: Brigitte. As the thrilling stage progresses, many teams have been trying to bring out the best and worst in her, but only New York Excelsior used her to their advantage over London Spitfire.

Looking back

At the time of this writing, New York Excelsior is the world’s best Overwatch team. They have beaten their South Korean nemesis, London Spitfire, in a quick 3-1 match. Both teams had a hard time adjusting to the new hero meta, but it was a delight to witness them figure out game patterns through new team compositions and strategies. One example is the fact that Brigitte is anti-dive. The “dive meta” feature of Overwatch is the most effective and popular tool used by professional players, some cannot live without it, but New York Excelsior is out of the ordinary.

In the past games, Excelsior showed extraordinary abilities to play diverse compositions other than the dive feature. The addition of Brigitte is a positive change as she gives them a new weapon: A 350 health Bang “Jjonak” Seong-hyun. Jjonak’s best hero, Zenyatta, always top the damage charts with an almost unlimited health pool, but it really became unlimited with Brigitte in action. This was one of the reasons why Excelsior easily earned the 2-0 lead.

Spitfire barely finished the King’s row and Hanamura. They forcefully went back to Lijang Tower using a dive feature against Park “Saebyeolbe” Jong-ryeol’s Brigitte, but Excelsior stopped them from capturing a checkpoint in Dorado. The leading team is now the winning team. Excelsior is just one step closer to the season’s playoffs.

OWL status

New York Excelsior already claimed a spot in the playoffs, securely sitting in the top seat. A record of 29-3 over the second-best Boston Uprising’s 22-10 is hard proof that a South Korean team is once again dominating the esports scene. In other news, Spitfire, who used to hold the second overall slot, went downhill due to two losses this week. They now carry a 20-12 record, tied with Los Angeles Valiant and Philadelphia Fusion.


Written by Derpina