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Aspiring Professionals’ Exposure In LoL College Championship

Posted 15th June 2018 By: Derpina    145 Views

Aspiring Professionals’ Exposure In LoL College Championship - Tipify

Esports News – League of Legends continues to be the most popular esports game in the world, but it does not stop there—Riot Games extends an opportunity for all college gamers to compete in the professional LoL arena. Any aspiring LoL player can now pursue esports as a career without sacrificing their academic progress.

League of Legends College Championship

The collegiate esports tournament for LoL is entitled “League of Legends College Championships”. It took place in Los Angeles last June 7-10 and it included the best college players from across North America. This year’s final 8 went down to Maryville, Illinois, UC Irvine, Ottawa, UT Dallas, Columbia, Western, and Maryland. Maryville University dominated last year’s championship, beating the University of Toronto in a 3-1 victory. But they failed to defend their title as this year’s victory goes to California’s pride, UC Irvine.

Succeeding the elimination of Maryville brought about by Illinois, UC Irvine defeated Columbia College in the grand final. The Anteaters took down the Cougars with a 3-0 victory. Columbia College showcased North American top players Julien “Julien” Gelinas, Ian “MistyStumpey” Alexander, and Evan “EvanRL” Lawson. But they failed to secure their defenses against UCI’s three ex-pro players Team Liquid sub Youngbin “Youngbin” Jung, Team Dignitas sub James “Lattman” Lattman, and Lyubomir “BloodWater” Spasov.

Students’ exposure to League of Legends

The championship sparked a significant difference in how non-gamers see esports. There is now a platform for aspiring professionals who want to try esports without sacrificing other important matters at hand. The 8 LoL teams have proven that a student can make esports and academic life crossover possible and that LoL is more than just a competition for fame and money.

To back it up, Joshua “Pheqes” Quest, a popular college League of Legends caster, told ESPN at the recent junior varsity final in Long Beach, California: “There’s so much more exposure [in the college scene] now, five years ago I wouldn’t be talking to [ESPN], so that’s one thing. There is just so much more exposure. The pioneering of Robert Morris University and bringing in scholarships has spread to so many different schools, and that’s only good. It can only create bring more attention to collegiate esports.”


Written by Derpina