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Evil Geniuses Eliminate Misery And Fear From Dota 2 Roster

Posted 2nd June 2018 By: Derpina    525 Views

Evil Geniuses Eliminate Misery And Fear From Dota 2 Roster - Tipify

Esports NewsEvil Geniuses, the oldest North American professional Dota 2 league, has made another big change in its roster. After removing captain Rasmus “MiSery” Filipsen from their line-up, long-time member Clinton “Fear” Loomis has also left the team.

The outsiders

Fear confirmed on his Twitter account the shocking news by posting “Don’t worry guys, I’m off the EG Dota roster too. Happy I get some time at home after a very exhausting and disappointing season. Wish everyone all the best”. He had been a member for the past seven years since he entered the organization in October 2011, and as far as anyone knows, contributed to nearly a dozen global championships including his greatest achievement in Dota 2 history—bagging the title for The International 2015.

Misery, a few days before, also expressed his views regarding the roster change on Twitter. Having the same tone of voice as Fear’s, he posted “I have been kicked from EG, I’m happy and relieved to be out. Thanks for all your support while in the team! what’s next?”. Unlike Fear, Misery was under Evil Geniuses for only 5 months, marking the Captains Draft 4.0 as his first tournament with the team. Regardless, he had witnessed and took part on his former team’s victory in Galaxy Battles II and ESL One Genting.

Evil Geniuses Dota 2 standings

This sudden change in the roster done by Evil Geniuses remains a shock to everyone. Some believe that the team’s failure in ESL One Birmingham was the cause of their constantly changing rosters. Evil Geniuses continued to stay around the top six rankings from the previous Dota 2 Majors before Birmingham. They immediately bid goodbye to the title on the opening stage match against Fnatic and the elimination match against Team Spirit.

The consecutive losses of the team sealed their top 12 placing in the entire ESL One Dota 2 tournaments. This is their lowest finish since The International 7. As for Misery and Fear’s esports career, many fans will surely anticipate which player will replace the two and which team will invite the two for the next Dota 2 majors.


Written by Derpina