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From SK To MIBR: Fallen Shares His Team’s Current Status

Posted 27th June 2018 By: Derpina    225 Views


Esports News – 27-year old Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo has been standing on the CSGO arena for almost 13 years now. He currently plays the role of an AWPer and in-game leader for Made in Brazil (MIBR), and owns the Brazilian esports organization Games Academy. With his track record and previous experience, he’s not just a veteran, he’s also an award-winning player.

This 2018, Fallen is more than ready to share his team’s recent struggles and his overall expectations for the future of competitive gaming as the entire SK Gaming team officially transfers to MIBR. Know more about his relationships with MIBR, Jake “Stewie2K” Yip, Marcelo “coldzera” David, and Epitácio “TACO” de Melo.

Stewie2K’s addition to MIBR

Taco, one of the best CSGO players today, has been rumored to join MIBR for the offline qualifier, but he was replaced by Stewie2k. As the in-game leader, here are Fallen’s thoughts on the matter: “The truth is that, if I look back to see how things have been going, I think that these results coincide with a period of readaptation. Even if we had kept TACO, I think this period would still have happened. The readaptation was needed because other teams have caught up with us and have been playing, in a way, better than we have, so they deserve the results they have been getting, and we have had to reinvent ourselves. Besides this challenge, we also started communicating in a new language and we have a new player, which is always something very troublesome, sometimes it works out quickly, sometimes it takes longer, but I make a very positive evaluation of this period.”

Coldzera’s role as the assistant leader

A lot of significant changes happened since Stewie2k’s arrival. Coldzera now helps Fallen lead in-game, but it was Stewie2k’s efforts that pushed the team to success in Kiev. Regardless of the other members’ efforts, Fallen still thinks it’s necessary to only have one leader. He said, “I think that, first of all, we need to figure out this matter about in-game leadership. This is something that we recently addressed here in Portugal. We had a new talk about that. I thought it was really cool that cold and Stewie helped with that, because it was during a moment when I was not doing that job that well, and they came in with fresh ideas that really helped. And you can see that we had better results with these changes. But here in Portugal, we decided to go back to me leading the team. The thing of one person leading, then another person leading, then another person coming in with an idea…sometimes it simply gets in the way.”

MIBR’s current status

SK Gaming was a home to all the current members of MIBR. Has the transferred affected the team at all, and is the magic still there? When asked, Fallen shared how ready his team is for upcoming CSGO tournaments, although there is still room for improvements. “I see the team at 75 percent. There are some things that we can improve. I think that fer and I still need to bring back our stellar game from previous years, while cold keeps playing very well and remains decisive. I see bolt and Stewie playing well, and I say these things I am not talking about statistics or anything like that.”

Fallen’s leadership getting in the way

Acting as an in-game leader requires multitasking, patience, and coordination. With Fallen still playing the role of the team’s AWPer, some speculates that him leading the team has affected his individual game since other teams can already anticipate his next move. However, Fallen is certain that it is only a matter of perspective, and he also made sure that he still knows what’s up every time he plans the attacks. He said, “I think my feeling at the time about that was a bit wrong. Sometimes I think they know what I am thinking, but, in reality, they may not know. I think in some moments they do, just like we can read some teams. But the idea of them reading everything that I am going to do is not really true, and the conclusion that I reached after this reflection period was that the way we prepared had to change, that we had to bring new things and to trust that these things are indeed new and that our opponents do not know them.”

MIBR’s goals for the rest of the year

So far, there is only one title to be played with MIBR’s new roster. After all, the team is a full transfer of the former SK players and coach, Ricardo “dead” Sinigaglia. All are Brazilian players except Cloud 9’s former top player, Stewie2K. For the rest of the year, Fallen shared what awaits in store for his team: “Our goals are to improve as a team, break the language barrier once and for all and try to be once again a team that can challenge for titles. Victories will be the result of our work, and what I keep telling the guys is that we cannot demand results, we never really know if we are going to win or not. What we can do is commit ourselves to working so that results will appear. We have to motivate each other to be dedicated on a daily basis, to respect our schedule, to study the game, to pay attention to the things we are preparing and to practice well, and we are doing all those things really well.”


Written by Derpina