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League of Legends: Clash Delayed Due To Server Issues

Posted 3rd June 2018 By: Derpina    300 Views

League of Legends: Clash Delayed Due To Server Issues - Tipify

Esports News – As reported last week, League of Legends: Clash is expected to make its debut last May 26. It’s a new tournament mode featuring five players in an amateur game leading to high-professional leagues, giving everyone a chance to compete with other top-rated teams from across the globe. However, due to some technical issues with the mode, the launch of has been delayed in some regions.

“This isn’t news that any of us wanted to have to share, but we’ve had to delay the launch of tonight’s Clash tournaments in EUW/EUNE…this was due to some unexpected technical issues that we are working around the clock to resolve. Fixing Clash is our current priority.” Riot Shalkar said in an announcement following the delay.

Crisis management

The Europe West (EUW) and Europe Nordic & East (EUNE) regions are not the only reported areas that experienced these problems. Brazil and Oceana’s versions also encountered a delay when the teams entered the first round of the tournament—the games won’t start and they lost the entire tournament as a result. In other news, North American servers will still be able to host the new mode unless there are more issues that need to be addressed.

Consequently, all those who experienced server issues will automatically be given a refund as all participants in Clash were required to purchase a ticket with in-game currency to take part in the tournament. Additionally, Riot will be granting a Clash Orb containing a 3-win XP boost, two Clash team logos (one for Mid- Season Invitational and the second at random), and a shard for a 750 RP skin.

Future re-launch

The unexpected failure of Clash this week set the internet on fire. All players who have been looking forward to the new tournament mode expressed their disappointments and mixed reviews on LoL’s official game forums and Reddit community. Riot Games had received more backlash when they confirmed that the re-launch might take weeks or months since Clash will have to undergo a worldwide beta testing once again.

In the meantime, for those players patiently waiting for updates regarding the re-launch, Riot encourages everyone to visit LoL’s official website Announcement Board and Twitter page (@LeagueofLegends) from time to time.


Written by Derpina