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League of Legends: Clash Is Set For One-Day Test In Oceania

Posted 4th June 2018 By: Derpina    304 Views

League of Legends: Clash Is Set For One-Day Test In Oceania - Tipify

Esports News – “We are sorry to tell you that we’ve decided to cancel this weekend’s Clash launch due to unexpected technical issues that appeared when rolling it out across regions earlier today…We want your first play through of Clash to be as amazing as possible, but unfortunately we are not confident in the event experience that you and your teams would have had.”— Riot Games on their official website.

For the past weeks, Riot Games has been facing issues and backslash concerning League of Legends: Clash. The long-awaited new tournament game mode experienced severe technical issues and had to be put on-hold. The launch weekend on May 25, obviously, didn’t go as planned. But what’s next for Clash?

Clash to Oceiana

Getting back on track, Riot Games is giving LoL players in Oceania a chance to try out Clash once again when the tournament mode launches for one day on Tuesday, June 5 at 7 pm AEST. This serves as a relaunch one-day test to make sure everything goes smoothly on the official launch. All participants will not be needing a Clash ticket anymore, an entry item that should be purchased with in-game currency to participate. Anyone in the Oceania region can enter for free provided that each player sits in Honor level 2 or above and has ranked on Summoner’s Rift (in Flex or Solo/Duo).

Consequently, since it’s a trial test, the rewards given to players will also be different. Riot is offering Oceania players an opportunity to earn Victory Points, a summoner icon, an exclusive beta-only banner (at 500 VP), and one guaranteed Clash Orb. These items are exclusive and only available for Oceania players, but Riot Games is considering to give new ones out again once Clash relaunches in the future. Four-team brackets will be used during the test period so Riot can carefully oversee the matches and get the mode ready for its future relaunch. The tournament theme, however, will remain th same as the one in the regional betas earlier this year.

Plans for the global launch

Riot Games is taking every measure and risk to ensure that Clash never malfunctions again before announcing a new global launch date. According to them, once they believe that they have finally pinpointed the underlying issue, they will begin testing and implementing more diagnostics to see if all fixes are working out. They’ll be testing Clash in one-day betas in every region after Oceania.


Written by Derpina