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Chinese Player Is The First To Reach Level 1,000 In LoL

Posted 9th June 2018 By: Derpina    942 Views

Chinese Player Is The First To Reach Level 1,000 In LoL - Tipify

Esports News – South Korean teams may be dominating the League of Legends World Championships, but a Chinese player is the first person to hit level 1,000 in only half a year after Riot Games implemented a new leveling system for the game in 2017. The player, whose username bizarrely translates to BigBigBigWatermelon in English, plays on the Shadowflow server, one of the smaller LoL servers reachable to Chinese players beyond level 30.

It was only in September last year when Riot Games removed the level 30 cap in LoL, following the infinity level system of Overwatch and Heroes of Storm where players can continuously level up and receive rewards in the process. This new system, the level beyond 30, was introduced as part of LoL’s pre-season redesign aiming to satisfy players’ retention and enjoyment. Riot Games wanted to move away from allowing players to just compete in Ranked Play and at the same time, replace their IP with Blue Essence—the game’s official in-game currency used for increasing mastery levels and buying champions, skins, or other store-related items. Each time a player levels up, he’ll get a reward chest chock-full of Blue Essence, champ shards, gemstones, and more.

Player’s progress

Previously, before level 1,000 was finally reached, the first player to hit level 100 achieved his status after playing on smaller and less popular bonus rounds like 3v3 map Twisted Treeline. He used XP boosts to enhance the rewards offered every round, increasing his chances of leveling up. After this, it’s indefinite whether another player might have actually reached level 100 first due to the closed off and complicated system of the Chinese servers. Today, in actuality, the player who reached level 1,000 was only discovered due to a video posted on Reddit containing his account. Aside from BigBigBigWatermelon, the player closest to 1,000 that the LoL community closely follow is Toucan Celeste, a player on the Europe West server sitting at level 911.

Regardless of the short span, the player behind BigBigBigWatermelon managed to reach the highest level in LoL yet, exceeding others players’ levels in hundreds. Everyone now knows that leveling is an enjoyable and rewarding experience.


Written by Derpina