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To the Playoffs: OWL Stage 4 Recap & Standings

Posted 18th June 2018 By: Derpina    242 Views

To The Playoffs: Overwatch League Stage 4 Recap & Standings - Tipify

Esports News – We are finally close to the conclusion of Overwatch League where Blizzard Entertainment will finally declare its first-ever champion. All the remaining teams will enter the playoffs for Stage 4 and the Inaugural Season but in the meantime, let us review this summary of the games from the last day of the regular season.

Philadelphia Fusion vs London Spitfire

The Philadelphia Fusion has been displaying outstanding performances before heading into the off season. They are one of the fans favorites ever since. Despite that, they failed to deliver their best in the finals. When the battle between them and London Spitfire occurred, they’ve only managed to win the final map after losing the entire series. Fusion, on the other hand, proved that they deserve a spot in the playoffs and the OWL’s regular season team standings.

Shanghai Dragons vs San Francisco Shock

Shanghai Dragons is considered by fans as one of the teams that consistently fail to win matches and sadly, they are right. The team ended the entire season without a single victory in a 0-40 record. They’ve experienced heartbreak after heartbreak until San Francisco Shock ended their struggle. The winning team has been steadily going up the ladder throughout the entire Inaugural Season, particularly in this stage.

Boston Uprising vs Florida Mayhem

Boston Uprising struggled to excel at the beginning of the season, but they have successfully pulled out an undefeated stance in Stage 3. The curse has been lifted and they have transformed their old brilliance into victory by beating Florida Mayhem in the last stage with a 4-0 score. According to critics, Mayhem’s poor Damage Per Second (DPS) performance wasn’t helped by its reluctant tank players—that’s why they lost.

Final Overwatch League Regular Season Standings
(Win-Loss, Map Differential)

1. New York Excelsior (34-6, +83)
2. Los Angeles Valiant (27-13, +36)
3. Boston Uprising (26-14, +28)
4. Los Angeles Gladiators (25-15, +24)
5. London Spitfire (24-16, +33)
6. Philadelphia Fusion (24-16, +13)
7. Houston Outlaws (22-18, +17)
8. Seoul Dynasty (22-18, +13)
9. San Francisco Shock (17-23, -7)
10. Dallas Fuel (12-28, -42)
11. Florida Mayhem (7-33, -78)
12. Shanghai Dragons (0-40, -120)

Six teams are only qualified for the playoffs. New York Excelsior and Los Angeles Valiant are the semi-finalists; and Los Angeles Gladiators, Boston Uprising, London Spitfire, and Philadelphia Fusion as the quarter-finalists.


Written by Derpina