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Valve Releases Dota 2 Patch 7.16 For The International 8

Posted 1st June 2018 By: Derpina    210 Views

Valve Releases Dota 2 Patch 7.16 For The International 8 - Tipify

Esports News – The International 8 (TI8) is set to happen in August. In preparation for the largest annual DotA 2 tournament, Valve released a new 7.16 update for the game that focuses mostly on balancing the game for the TI8. They will be after in achieving a professionally-viable level of the tournament through some interesting changes and improvements.

Major changes and improvements

According to Valve, “The upcoming patches will be mostly focused on balance tweaks in preparation for The International. There are a few more biweekly patches planned, with the primary ones scheduled around the final Major and the TI Qualifiers. After TI, we expect the first half of the new season to have longer periods between gameplay updates”. This means that professional gamers still have to wait for a few more patches before TI8, but the 7.16 gameplay update is good enough for non-professional gamers.

In summary, there are changes focused on heroes, tweaks, and balances. The most-requested and crucial updates are in the departments of Bounty Runes, Melee Barracks, Sentry Rewards, and heroes’ movement speed.

The Bounty Runes, a cache that grants bonus gold, were nerfed once again. The calculation that will be used for the team gold bonus is now 40 + 2 per minute instead of the old 40 + 3 per minute. The effect of the previous 7.15 update in Bounty Runes is particularly visible in Dota Pro Circuit tournaments where the teams learned to value heroes that can swiftly move around the map quickly to get the runes and grant their respective teams gold advantage every 5 minutes. Another improved infrastructure involves the Melee Barracks for backdoor protection, it now has an increased health of 2000 from the previous 1800.

The 18 DotA 2 heroes gained an improvement on their movement speed talents. Some of them received a -5 nerf, while others received as much as 10. The current highest nerf was 15 for Techie’s Level 20 plus movement speed talent.

In the matter of cache, weapons, and items, the most significant updates can be seen in the Sentry Wards. The duration of the ward’s protection was increased, allowing players to be more wary about picking up Shadow Blade dependent cores.


Written by Derpina