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What’s Next For Team Liquid After Winning The Supermajor?

Posted 13th June 2018 By: Derpina    228 Views

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Esports News – Team Liquid reigned victorious in the grand final of Pro Circuit’s concluding event, China Dota 2 Supermajor. This is the team’s first major victory to date, breaking their major curse of falling short in the finals every season.

What’s in store for the champions?

Team Liquid, with a major contribution from its Captain Kuro “KuroKy” Salehi Takhasomi, beat Virtus.Pro in one of the most exciting matches in the history of Pro Circuit season grand finals. The battle lasted for five games with both sides consistently taunting each other’s strengths and weaknesses. It was, without a doubt, a delightful show featuring Dota 2 supremacy between two of the top teams in the world leading the Pro Circuit leaderboard.

This event was humorously regarded by fans as the “Major Curse” for Team Liquid, who failed to dominate the past Supermajors. Their three Minor championships and two second-place rankings in other events landed them a safe spot on the leaderboard, but it was their Major title in the last ranking event of the year that gave them the second top spot.

The Supermajor victory earned Team Liquid a total of 3,375 Pro Circuit points, 1464 ratings, and a $555,000 USD cash prize. They have surpassed the overall ranking of PSG-LGD (3rd-1460) and followed the top position of Virtus.Pro (1st – 1499) on the leaderboard. For this reason, they now automatically have a direct invite at the Epicenter XL, the third installment of Epic Esports Events’ tournament that will be held in Moscow from April 27th to May 6th. More importantly, Team Liquid will defend their World Championship against VGJ.Thunder, PSG.LGD, Virtus.Pro, and Team Secret at The International 8 (TI8) two months from now. All the praises, points, and momentum they’ve earned in their recent victory counts as a mental advantage to defend their title in TI8. If everything goes as planned, they will cement their legacy in Dota 2 history as the first team to win two TI titles and the first to successfully defend the title.

With a complete list of invited teams, Dota 2 tournament series and TI will move on to the TI8 qualifiers which commences on June 14. The open qualifiers will run from June 14 to 17, while the regional qualifiers will run from June 18 to 25. The International 8 is scheduled to begin in late August.


Written by Derpina