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Counter Logic Adds Maxnomic As Gaming Chair Sponsor

Posted 29th July 2018 By: Derpina    260 Views

Counter Logic Adds Maxnomic As Gaming Chair Sponsor - Tipify

Esports News – Counter Logic Gaming, a North American esports organization, is now one of the most famous esports teams in League of Legends. That’s why it’s no surprise that sponsors are lining up for partnerships. Maxnomic, surprisingly, captured the heart of the team and has now become its official chair sponsor.

Terms of the deal

Supporting the partnership is Nick Allen, the COO of Counter Logic Gaming. He shared: “When we were looking into potential chair partners, we were focused on providing our players with high-quality and ergonomic seating to ensure longer periods of concentration and focus. Maxnomic really was the partner of choice when it came down to it.”

Maxnomic produces chairs specifically designed for long-term gaming, with adjustable seat backs, armrests, and lumbar support. All their products have been featured in events such as Dreamhack, ESL, and League of Legends Championship Series, as well as other teams like Cloud9, Team Liquid, and Evil Geniuses. As the team’s new major sponsor, the company will now supply CLG-branded chairs for Counter Logic Gaming’s Performance Center—including both players and staff.

Aside from the chairs circulation within the organization, all Maxnomic products in partnership with Counter Logic Gaming will also be available for purchase in the near future. Fans of the team can browse the products in the market under the NEEDforSEAT product line.

With the deal, Maxnomic adds to Counter Logic Gaming’s sponsorship portfolios. The list of companies supporting Counter Logic Gaming ranges from internet providers to watchmakers, some of the big names are Twitch, OMEN by HP, Corsair, Squarespace, Spectrum, Legendary Builds, FLEXFIT, and MVMT.

Maxonomic’s chair catalog

Maxnomic will soon release Counter Logic Gaming-inspired chairs for public consumption. For your future reference, you can browse their best sellers at In the meantime, the current and most-raved designs are as follows:

  • MAXNOMIC® CLOUD9 CAS – A casual-sport chair that comes with Cloud9’s original team colors and elaborately embroidered logo on the front and back.
  • MAXNOMIC® STYGO BWE – A casual-sport chair with a similar design as the brand’s pro-chief models.
  • MAXNOMIC® ERGOCEPTOR CAS – Possesses spine-shaped abstract ovals on the backrest and showcases a sitting element with double padding in the lumbar area.
  • MAXNOMIC® QUADCEPTOR PRO SLIGHTLY SILVER – Has a futuristic, unique design that includes faux suede applications.
  • MAXNOMIC® OSU XL WE – Intended for Big Brutus Ohio State Buckeye fans. It offers generous space combined with high-quality PU-leather.


Written by Derpina