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Finland’s HAVU Gaming Wins NESA 2018

Posted 9th July 2018 By: Derpina    243 Views

NESA 2018

Esports news – Finish team HAVU Gaming is quite the talk of the town this week. The team won the trophy at this year’s Nordic Esports Academy (NeSA) tournament, beating Superjymy in a 2-0 victory (Dust2 16-14, Mirage 16-13) in the grand final. This is yet another major victory for the team after placing 1st and 2nd at ESU Europe Invite Season 1 and eSports Underground Europe Invite Season 1.

NESA 2018 recap

This year’s tournament was held at the Kajaani University of Applied Sciences in Finland with a €10,000 ($12,000) prize pool. It all happened over the course of the weekend. The group stage took place on Friday where two of the invited teams got eliminated, while the playoffs get played on Saturday and Sunday. The four invitation slots went to HAVU,, Superjymy, and NYYRIKKI. The rest of the participants earned their slots from the previous qualifiers.

On Saturday, the participants saw the first two stages of the single-elimination playoffs bracket. All the invited teams and remaining teams went head to head. The highlights, however, still focused on HAVU and the invited teams. HAVU defeated Victrix and without breaking a sweat and taking too much of their time, while SuperJymy knocked out ACES and NYYRIKKI on their approach to the grand final.

The third-place decider went down with dominating NYYRIKKI, consistently beating them on Train and Dust 2 after stellar Terrorist sides. In the grand final series, the entire HAVU team led by Juho “juho” Lampinen took Dust 2 succeeding a 30-round battle. They finished off the series with a 2-0 win after another close encounter on Mirage, where SuperJymy even tried to recover from a 2-13 deficit on the first half.

Prize distribution and final standings

1. €6,000 (~$7,175) – Havu Gaming
2. €2,500 (~$3,000) – SuperJymy
3 .€1,500 (~$1,800) –
4. €0 – NYYRIKKI
5-8. €0 – SkitLite
5-8. €0 – PUR$i$EURA
5-8. €0 – ACES
5-8. €0 – Victrix

Player’s Name Kill/Death +/- Average Damage Rating (2.0)
Juho ‘juho’ Lampinen 45 – 41 +4 81.6 1.15
Otto ‘ottoNd’ Sihvo 41 – 33 +8 68.5 1.14
Finland Jesse ‘zehN’ Linjala 40 – 37 +3 80.0 1.13
Finland Olli ‘sLowi’ Pitkänen 40 – 39 +1 81.5 1.04
Finland Eetu ‘sAw’ Saha 29 – 35 -6 52.3 0.84


Written by Derpina