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kt Rolster, Kingzone DragonX Dominate LCK Week 1

Posted 21st July 2018 By: Derpina    494 Views

KT Rolster, Kingzone DragonX Dominate LCK Week 1 - Tipify

Esports News – The direct route to qualification for the League of Legends World Championship is the League of Champions Korea (LCK), and its first week has already started. Many consider the tournament as the battle of the best LoL teams since South Korea consistently dominates all major and minor tournaments year by year. To start your track, here’s a recap of kt Rolster vs Afreeca Freecs and SK Telecom vs Kingzone DragonX.

kt Rolster vs Afreeca Freecs (2-1)

kt Rolster successfully pulled off a 2-1 victory against Afreeca Freecs in the Summer Split. It was, once again, incredibly surprising as the winning team also handed Griffin its first loss on the same event.

Afreeca got the early lead, but failed to secure their standings on the next rounds. kt Rolster wasn’t on track during Game 1 even though they demonstrated a series of damage threats. They struggled to address Afreeca’s dive-heavy composition. Game 1 and 3 went in favor of kt Rolster. Although the number of kills was identical for both teams, KT held more towers and all of the Elemental Drakes in the end.

Most of the issues that contributed to Afreeca’s loss was the metagame of champions who made multiple appearances over the series—Yasuo and Fizz. Both allowed players from Afreeca and kt Rolster to zone out and eliminate enemy backline threats, but for the most part of the series, players had a hard time controlling them. Nevertheless, all players from the team were outstanding despite the absence Yasuo and Fizz. On the side of Afreeca are Bak “TusiN” Jong-ik’s Tahm Kench who kept his team alive through all of Game 2 and Lee “Mowgli” Jae-Ha’s Zac who stole a Baron that nearly gave them Game 2 entirely. On kt Rolster, they have Woo-Hyun “Ucal” Son who carried Game 2 with his Yasuo, and Song “Smeb” Kyung-ho who went against Afreeca’s Kiin in both Games 2 and 3.

SK Telecom vs Kingzone DragonX (0-2)

SK Telecom is one of the best South Korean team in LoL, they won numerous World Championships before. That’s why it’s unbelievable that Kingzone DragonX defeated SKT in a 2-0 victory. Some critics believe this is due to teams continuously adapting to the ever-changing meta.

Both teams started the matches aggressively, combining 59 kills in 69 minutes of game time. Kingzone began with popular funnel strategy using AD carry Kim “PraY” Jong-in. SKT tried to counter-attack this by engaging in team fights when necessary. It nearly worked when SKT mid laner Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok continued his resurgence using Swain, The Master Tactician. Because of Faker, SKT won its fair share of fights in the mid game, threatening to score a point after Game 1. In the end, unfortunately, Kingzone and PraY had a 10/2/5 KDA (kills/deaths/assists), and won the necessary fights that led to a 32-minute victory.


Written by Derpina