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Tech Review Tuesday: Logitech Gaming G510 vs Mad Catz Cyborg Strike 7

Posted 24th July 2018 By: Derpina    810 Views

Tech Review Tuesday: Logitech G510 vs Mad Catz Cyborg Strike 7

Esports News – There are different types of gamers. Each one can be classified into various categories based on certain criteria, from their approach in gaming to what types of games they prefer. This classification is also in line with the gaming equipment each gamer use. It tells a lot about their personality.

This week on Tipify gaming equipment series, we feature the most exciting set of gaming keyboards in the market. Some may confirm that these are the coolest tech they’ve ever laid eyes on—with gimmicks and designs all over the place. If you’re a gamer who has an eye for creativity, let’s move towards the unconventional type of gaming and see what the Logitech Gaming G510 and Mad Catz Cyborg Strike 7 have prepared.

Logitech Gaming G510

The $120 USD price tag of Logitech Gaming G510 will not scare you away because the look of the keyboard is enough to catch anyone’s attention. And besides, one should know that Logitech is a world-renowned company led by innovative product lines and designs. They care about the look of their products as much as they care about the components they’re made of and its performance.

This keyboard is definitely an upgrade for anyone looking past the $100 USD price range. It has a game panel LCD screen on top that updates players with real-time game stats and VoIP communication data without interrupting gameplay. As if a keyboard screen is not enough, Logitech added a custom-color RGB backlighting that allows users to assign a unique color to each profile, profile mode, and mode style to easily locate any key in the dark. Surprisingly, its great design matches the performance of the keys. 18 programmable G-keys can make any game fall to your commands as they can be configured up to 54 unique functions per game, including single key presses, complex macros, or intricate LUA scripts.

The only downside some gamers may encounter is the ever-updating game panel. It might not interrupt their actual gameplay, but it can distract them from playing in real-time.

Mad Catz Cyborg Strike 7

It is already a given that gaming keyboards are complex compared to basic ones. This is due to the extra features crafted to give players a leg-up in the game. Mad Catz Cyborg Strike 7 is determined to do just that, but with more tricks under its sleeve.

The keyboard is packed with a touchscreen pad, a handful of detachable components, alternate keycaps, and exclusive software. The keyboards can be divided into two: The QWERTY section and the 10-key section. Even if it’s functioning as a whole or as a split keyboard, users can still access the touchscreen pad or the “V.E.N.O.M.” console to control the PC audio, switch all the programmable profiles, and return to the home screen instantly.

The only apparent reason if some gamers happen to dislike Mad Catz Cyborg Strike 7 is the number of channels they can explore. Sure, many find these setups interesting, but not all these channels will get much use. In addition, price-wise, the Mad Catz is miles away from the G510 at north of $500. However, its features do justify the price, especially for more serious gamers looking to purchase a feature-packed keyboard.


Written by Derpina