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LoL Versus 2018 Gets A 24-Hour Extension

Posted 4th July 2018 By: Derpina    294 Views

LoL Versus 2018 Gets A 24-Hour Extension - Tipify

Esports News – Many gamers will surely remember the launch of Clash, ARURF Weekend, Pyke, and Emote Icons. All things considered, League of Legends is notable for their unconventional patch updates and tournament formats, but it is also known for relaunches and technical issues. This week, the spotlight is on for LoL’s Versus event.

Event extension

Due to some difficulties with the missions on the first day of its launch, the LoL Versus event will get extended until July 11, 2018 at 11:59 PM PT from its original schedule July 10 at 11:59 PM PT. Riot Gingerbread posted the announcement on the official site, saying: “Apologies to all of you who inquired about Versus mission progress over the weekend. There were indeed some issues getting everyone’s missions processed, and we’re working quickly to resolve them.”

Gingerbread added that in the meantime, the Riot team has concrete plans for how the VS event will be extended and how the users will receive compensations for all the games that they might have missed out on the first day of launch. The steps that the management will be taking for the betterment of the event are the following:

  • The Versus event will be extended by exactly 24 hours.
  • Riot will reprocess all your missed missions, so your hard work is not lost! Dailies will show up again, giving you another shot at them, and past progress on missions should count as well.
  • As a bonus, we’ll add a very easy “makeup” mission that awards an extra 10 tokens, in case you missed the dailies.

About VS 2018

The Versus event was first teased on Twitter when LoLGermany tweeted a mysterious image of a lion and a wolf. The image was later revealed as a tournament pitting God-King Darius supporters against those fighting for God-King Garen. The players are tasked to choose which side they are on when they log-in. Once they’re locked-in, their daily missions and mission line will be updated; these may include looting and fighting for their God-King, damaging enemy champions, getting the first blood, killing dragons and minions, destroying towers, and controlling wards. If these objectives are done successfully or when their chosen God-King won, players can receive tokens, Emote, Blue Essence, Eternal Reign Icon, and Endless War Icon.


Written by Derpina