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Overwatch’s New York Excelsior To Host Homecoming Qualifiers

Posted 7th July 2018 By: Derpina    321 Views

New York Excelsior Homecoming Qualifiers - Tipify

Esports News – To commemorate the conclusion of the first-ever Overwatch League regular season and to celebrate the entry of the playoffs, the world’s best OWL team to date, New York Excelsior, plans to host a massive homecoming this July. As part of their post-season campaign, it will be an all-day fan event with celebrities, music, and a $10,000 fan tournament for all the residents in the city.

Homecoming Qualifiers

The homecoming event will celebrate New York Excelsior grabbing first place in the regular season. Moreover, the team also hopes to build up hype and gather fan support for their upcoming matches as they battle for the title of champion in the Overwatch League’s Inaugural Season. New York Excelsior will no longer be part of quarterfinals since they are automatically locked-in for the semi-final. They just have to win one more match to move onto the grand finals. For your reference, see the mechanics, schedules, and list of guests below.


The management created an official website for the event and its rules, mechanics, and updates. All information you need to know can be found at The NYXL Homecoming Qualifiers will be done online. Registrants must be able to provide proof that they reside within 75 miles of Manhattan. To register you must agree to the terms and conditions of the tournament, and provide your name, email, and zip code. Competitors under the age of 18 must provide consent from a parent or guardian to participate in the finals. Check-in for both qualifiers starts at 1 PM on the day of each competition.


Homecoming Online Qualifiers #1 – July 8th, 2 pm
Homecoming Online Qualifiers #2 – July 15th, 2 pm

Panelists and Guests

Mica Burton (host) – a cosplayer, actress, YouTuber, streamer and staff member at Rooster Teeth Productions, currently working as an editor for The Know.

Slashers (panelist) – the Main AR Player for Rise Nation. He is a 2016 World Champion and is best known for his time on FaZe Clan, Denial Esports, and Team Envy.

Semmler (commentator) – a former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive caster, who has moved over to Overwatch League.

Hex (opening DJ) – an Overwatch caster from the United States. He is one of the original Overwatch Casters and Analysts, broadcasting games from as early as 2015 in the Closed Beta.

Angel and Dren (headline DJ) – Identical twins and Bronx natives who are making names in the music, fashion, fitness and beauty scene.


Written by Derpina