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PPD Announces North America Dota Challengers League (NADCL)

Posted 15th July 2018 By: Derpina    191 Views

PPD Announces North America Dota Challengers League (NADCL) - Tipify

Esports News – Dota is one of the most popular video games—which some consider as the pioneer of esports and competitive gaming tournaments. But for more than a decade now, only professional gamers get a chance to compete in international arenas. Many amateurs, meanwhile, are hidden from the public eye.

Breaking the status quo, Peter “ppd” Dager, former CEO of Evil Geniuses and current captain of OpTic Gaming, has announced a new semi-professional Dota 2 league entitled “the North America Dota Challengers League (NADCL)” to give more gaming opportunities to all aspiring players in the region.

Dager stated, following the exciting announcement: “I think this will be a great opportunity for up and coming players to develop crucial teamwork and game knowledge skills. There are too many talented DOTA players in North America who either can’t or won’t create an opportunity for themselves, and I think we can help.”


The tournament’s first season officially begins in October 2018, succeeding the first Valve Dota Pro Circuit 2018-2019 season qualifiers. It will last throughout the year while carefully adjusting to the conflicting schedules of other Dota 2 minor qualifier events.

The league’s objective is not just to launch a platform for semi-professionals, but to also provide these teams with a chance to earn extra income for practicing and competing at lower level competitions. Any team without sponsorship or any team not being paid to play Dota 2 are qualified to register and compete.

As for the format, the NADCL will not follow other league tournaments where teams are grouped depending on player availability and individual rankings system. Its structure puts together a set of teams competing through the season for an already determined prize pool. An initial qualifier determines the eight teams that will be able to participate in the first season league/group stage. After that, four of the best teams move on to a best-of-three (BO3) single elimination tournament format.

All eight teams receive a portion of the prize pool, in addition to donations given by NADCL. The money will be distributed in a “relatively flat structure” across all teams, regardless of placements.

NADCL registration, chat, and other updates are available on the league’s Discord channel. The action, on the other hand, can be viewed live on Twitch.


Written by Derpina