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Tech Review Tuesday: Redragon M901 Perdition vs Logitech G600 MMO

Posted 31st July 2018 By: Derpina    1468 Views

Tech Review Tuesday: Redragon M901 Perdition vs Logitech G600 MMO

Esports News – If you’re the type of gamer who plays competitively for hours on end, it’s important that you use a mouse that fits your hand and personality well. Some may think that a gamer doesn’t need an exclusive gaming mouse to play games well, and any mouse with buttons and wheels is enough. Contrary to that belief, specifically-designed gaming mice for pros can provide a competitive advantage, not to mention extra style and comfort. In that behalf, let us introduce you to two gaming mice ready for some action.

This week on Tipify Gaming Equipment series, we feature the Redragon M901 Perdition and Logitech G600 MMO—two mice with quirky and unconventional designs but as equally functional as your standard gaming mouse.

Redragon M901 Perdition

General gaming equipment tend to introduce minimalist and professional-looking aesthetics, but the Redragon M901 Perdition played with color-schemes and designs creative gamers will surely love. A the top glance, this mouse looks like a normal gaming mouse. But if you slightly tilt it, you’ll find a whole new set of extra buttons. In total, the mouse has 18 programmable buttons; 12 on the side of the mouse in keypad-style layout, while the remaining 6 located across the body.

Adding to all the functional shortcuts and designs on its body is the software behind the mouse. It boasts a maximum DPI of 16,400 with breakpoints 1000, 2000, 4000, and 8200, as well as standard wired polling rate of 1000 Hz and 30g acceleration rating. On top of that, the software allows users to fully customize the mouse’s on-board profiles including the buttons, DPI, and color scheme. Any gamer who loves to play Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games will never have problems controlling characters and gaming environments.

Logitech G600 MMO

This mouse is one of the finest gaming mice in the market. It prefectly rivals the Razer DeathAdder Elite as well as the aforementioned Redragon M901 Perdition. The most striking characteristic of the Logitech G600 compared to the two is its color scheme. Despite promoting unconventional design, the mouse sticks with minimalist colors—matte black and white.

Some may say that when it comes to styling, less is more. Logitech doesn’t agree with that context. The G600 MMO features 20 programmable buttons; 12 keys are on the right side of the mouse, while the remaining ones are spread out on the left and top portions. Roughly 80% of these buttons are useful, but people with relatively large hands might find some buttons too difficult to reach. Regardless, it could help gamers focus on the game without shifting from mouse to keyboard (and vice versa) when necessary. Furthermore, users don’t have to customize the software anymore as  it includes an auto-detection system that scans the hand for compatible games, useful keys, and layout.


Written by Derpina