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Road To The Semis: Spitfire Defeats Gladiators

Posted 18th July 2018 By: Derpina    299 Views

Road To The Semis: Spitfire Defeats Gladiators - Tipify

Esports News – London Spitfire is one step closer to the Blizzard Entertainment’s inaugural Overwatch League (OWL) finals after crushing the Los Angeles Gladiators. It was a big surprise as Spitfire had never beaten Gladiators this season, but they won six straight maps across two best-of-five matches on their last match. The game ended in Burbank, California with a 2-1 score in favor of London Spitfire. The winning team automatically advances to the semifinals.

Face-off series

During the previous stages of the regular season, the Gladiators beat Spitfire all three times they faced each other in the arena. They somehow continued that streak until Spitfire won the first match, which introduced a decider in a BO3 playoff series. At the beginning of the match, it already looked impossible for the teams to only play one game.

There was huge support for the Gladiators last week, and almost everybody expects them to cruise to the semifinals. But Spitfire turned the tables around and dominated the entire tournament.

Tournament recap

Spitfire’s top DPS player, Park “Profit” Joon-yeong, was the first one to help the team build a foundation. He spent the majority of his in-play time on the first map, Dorado, using Brigitte as his champion. The team’s dominance continued in the second round, Junkertown, as hitscan DPS Kim “birdring” Ji-hyeok sealed the victory with Hanzo’s Dragonstrike. Birding is a great sniper, and he caught three players when the timer ends. He even engaged a one-on-one fight with Gladiator’s DPS and Widowmaker specialist, Lane “Surefour” Roberts, to keep Gladiators at a disadvantage throughout the entire round.

On the final map, King’s Row, Profit dropped Brigitte and played the sniper hero Hanzo. He killed three players from the Gladiators to secure a fast Point A for his team’s final, overtime victory. He was, of course, helped by the league’s top tank Hong “Gesture” Jae, support Choi “Bdosin” Seung-tae, and MVP Bang “JJoNak” Sung-hyeon.

After the 2-1 victory, Profit and Gesture won Player Of The Day awards for their excellent performances throughout both matches. More than that, Profit also took home the Player Of The Series award.

Semifinal line-up

Spitfire’s victory made way to an interesting semifinal line-up, with three of the four teams winning at least one entire stage tournament in the regular season. Spitfire, together with the Valiant and the New York Excelsior are the current best teams before the playoffs. The only team who hasn’t won a single stage is the Philadelphia Fusion. After their loss against Excelsior, Fusion and its players haven’t redeemed themselves yet.


Written by Derpina