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S1mple Bags ESL One Cologne MVP Award – His Fifth This Year

Posted 11th July 2018 By: Derpina    349 Views

s1mple MVP

Esports News – For the fifth time this year and seventh in total, Aleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev is once again the recipient of the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award by and Betway. The award, this time, is from Natus Vincere’s win at the recent ESL One Cologne 2018 held at Lanxess Arena in Germany.

Consistent MVP awards

Natus Vincere, the team behind s1mple’s success, garnered a 1.26 rating in the grand final against BIG. It is the same tournament series S1mple finished with a +23 KDD. He then leaves Cologne with a 1.37 rating, his third-highest of 2018 at a major event after DreamHack Masters Marseille (1.52) and StarSeries i-League Season 5 (1.40). The runner-ups for the MVP title were Denis “electronic” Sharipov (1.31 rating) who was a close contender, along with BIG’s top players Johannes “tabseN” Wodarz (1.18) and Johannes “nex” Maget (1.10).

Furthermore, s1mple now holds one of the top ranks in CS:GO 15 stats leaderboards. He leads the first place in most categories including rating (1.37), KDD (+142), kills per round (0.90), and percentage of rounds with at least one kill (56.1%). This is the biggest MVP award s1mple received since he began his CS:GO career, and is the fifth since the start of 2018 after winning the accolade at StarSeries Seasons 4 and 5, DreamHack Masters Marseille, and the CS:GO Asia Championships.

When asked in an interview if this new MVP award is his favorite one yet considering the size of the tournament, S1mple answered: “Yeah, this one is the favorite because we put in a lot of work. We had more confidence because we knew that the strats that we do are working. We just practiced a lot for all tournaments with this lineup, and when the tournament starts we are still practicing.”

Natus Vincere’s current standing

At the end of ESL One Cologne 2018, Natus Vincere prevailed on top with a final score of 3-1 against the home country underdog of BIG. Na’Vi secured a 1-10 lead on Overpass map and helped s1mple lead the way for his team with a 23-14 kill to death ratio, 76.0 average damage per round, and an overall rating of 1.37. This tournament win from the so-called “Cathedral of Counter-Strike” gives Na’Vi its first Intel Grand Slam Victory.


Written by Derpina