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Steel On Luminosity Gaming’s Current Roster, Future Matches

Posted 22nd July 2018 By: Derpina    256 Views



Esports News – CSGO team Luminosity Gaming has evolved since the ESL Pro League 2016. With the addition and personal touch of their in-game leader, Lucas “steel” Lopes, the team managed to dominate DreamHack and IEM tournaments. But their roster is continuously evolving, and they now have the twins Lucas “LUCAS1” Teles and Henrique “HEN1” Teles to join them on their future matches. Will this affect the team’s freestyle approach to every game? See what Steel has to say about this.

Future tournaments

All his players look up to Steel. Luminosity Gaming expects him to guide them as they prepare for future events, so when asked what are his hopes and expectations for the team, Steel said: “To be honest, I didn’t think about expectations because if you put an expectation on the team, that can add some extra pressure. Like “oh, we have to go to semi-finals” or whatever and then you’re playing the elimination match and people start to feel it, so I didn’t put any expectation. We’re just going to play match by match and series by series and see how it goes.”

Freestyle gaming

There are times when Luminosity Gaming can beat one team twice or thrice in a row. The most recent ones were their matches against G2 Esports. These impressive performance, according to Steel, was a result of the team’s gaming style. “I think the key is that we’re playing the way we used to in Immortals, which is playing free. We don’t anti-strat or anything like that, we just play our game. I mean, it’s mostly based on skill on an individual level and if the guys are on point I know we’re going to have a high chance of winning, but when we have to rely on executions I know the game is going to be a bit harder because people aren’t on their A game. But basically it’s just like that, we just try to play our game and work on our defaults.”

The twins on the team

Roster changes can make or break the entire team, which is why Luminosity Gaming tried to avoid these situations as much as possible. But this time, surprisingly, they added a duo to their lineup: LUCAS1 and HEN1. Steel defended the move by saying: “It’s never a good situation when you have to make roster moves, especially for us, Brazilians, because we all live in the same house. It’s a different relationship within the team than on other teams. But the addition, it’s… in the beginning, it wasn’t that good because we didn’t qualify for the Major, an online qualification which was super hard, but we’ve had more time to practice. This [DreamHack Valencia] is our first test for the lineup.”

Concerning the adaptation of the twins when it comes to the gaming style of Luminosity Gaming, Steel added that it would be slower than usual. The twins haven’t played all year and CS:GO is ever-changing, they need more time to get used to it. The freestyle type, however, can make things easier for the both of them. Steel emphasized that “it makes total sense because our T-side is really based on being free so they can do whatever they want. In the beginning, I was trying to practice executions because when the freestyle is not working you need to rely on some executions, but it wasn’t working. Maybe it’s their playstyle, maybe we just haven’t played that much, but it’s something we have to improve because, as I said, playing freestyle can work but it’s a dangerous game.”

The rifler and the AWPer

NEKIZ and yeL are the rifler and AWPer of Luminosity Gaming, but it is no doubt that Steel, LUCAS1, and HEN1 are the more experienced players on the team. When asked how the two are holding on, Steel answered: “They’re evolving a lot, this is the best place for them to do it. Last year they didn’t play that many LAN tournaments. It’s totally different when you’re playing at home in your own house, drinking a Coke, on your own PC, on your own schedule. It’s so different from this…[NEKIZ and yeL] are dedicated, they put time into Counter-Strike, which is super important. They just need to play more LAN tournaments and they’re going to be on the top, for sure. “


Written by Derpina