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Team Liquid Secures ZOTAC Cup Masters CSGO Slot

Posted 8th July 2018 By: Derpina    274 Views

ZOTAC Cup Masters Teams - Tipify

Esports News – With the ZOTAC Cup Masters Americas Regional Finals starting to heat up in Santa Ana, ZOTAC have announced the next invited team to the world finals in Hong Kong. The recent addition to the line-up is Team Liquid, the leading multiregional professional esports organization based in the Netherlands. They are now the sole North American representative for the event until the Americas Regional Final ends this weekend, and will be facing the likes of Team MVP, Team Kinguin, Tyloo Gaming, Virtus Pro, and Vici Gaming.

The team list currently looks as follows:

China – VG.Flash
Korea – MVP PK (Asian Qualifier)
North America – Team Liquid
Winner of American Qualifier #2
China – TyLoo
Poland –
Poland – Kinguin (European Qualifier)
Other Invite #5

Team Liquid’s track record

Team Liquid is the sixth team confirmed for the event. The invite was surprising, but still expected as the team previously exerted impressive performance in many CSGO minor and major tournaments. They recently ranked third-fourth at the Intel Extreme Masters XII-World Championship, and 2nd at ESL Pro league Season 7 Finals and Esports Championship Series Season 5-Finals.

ZOTAC Cup Masters Global Tournament

The tournament’s pioneer and namesake was the ZOTAC company, the original creators and manufacturer of Mini PCs, and innovators of the fastest NVIDIA GeForce GTX Gaming Graphics Card. For them, this year’s season is a significant one as it is the largest ZOTAC Cup Masters Global Tournament marking a 3-year anniversary; it followed the success of ZOTAC Cup Masters DotA 2 and ZOTAC Cup Masters: Starcraft Remastered in 2017.

The sponsors and organizers will throw up a massive $300,000 prize pool for the ZOTAC Cup Masters CSGO Grand Finals Tournament. From March and June, the tournament will have online qualifying matches across the globe including major regions such as Asia, Europe and the US. The winners for this round will automatically advance to the Regional Qualifier Finals to face a whole new breed of opponents, and then another set of CSGO teams to the final ZOTAC Cup Masters CSGO Tournament. that will be live-streamed online. All will be live-streamed on the ZOTAC Cup Twitch Channel with the Online Qualifiers from March-June, Regional Finals from June-July, and Grand Finals on August.


Written by Derpina