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5 Things To Improve For The Overwatch League Season 2

Posted 11th August 2018 By: ThisIsSam    236 Views

5 Things To Improve for The Overwatch League Season 2 - Tipify

Esports News – The inaugural season of the Overwatch League has a lot of moving and interesting parts to it. Aside from the perspectives of the organizers, the rest of the community conveyed equal amounts of satisfaction and disappointment after the grand finals. Nevertheless, they have a united opinion on which things should be improved for the next season.

Schedule of events

The Overwatch League might have the best tournament format compared to other competitions, but their schedule—which requires teams to play non-stop matches from January to July, takes its toll on players. Many of them admitted being stressed and tired throughout the season. Los Angeles Gladiators’ Aaron “Bischu” Kim, stated in an interview, “It can be incredibly draining to play back-to-back games. For example, it’s hard to fully prepare for the 2nd game because we still have to prepare for the 1st match. There’s only so much we can go over.”

The OWL’s 2019 season should have a longer and better schedule to give Overwatch teams more time to rest, train, and to sharpen their strategies. A short break in between excruciating competitions is a must.

All-access pass

Fans and viewers all-access passes last season received admission to unique game skins, player AMAs, Twitch emotes and badges, ad-free viewing, subscriber-only chat rooms, and an exclusive command center. This pass allows its holders to witness all participating teams in real time. Many consumers suggest that to engage more fans, they should be allowed to pick a player who they think will likely impact the match. Further, the organizers should leave viewers with options to switch to different first-person views during the matches.


Live-streaming of CSGO, League of Legends, and Starcraft II allow viewers to see the current location of the players in the maps. The OWL should consider this feature, with an addition of HP bar in the minimap to gauge a player’s remaining life.

Viral videos

Plenty of fans complain in social media regarding the league’s lack of promotional materials. There were reports that a lot of viewers on the Competitive Overwatch subreddit page were not informed of the playoffs schedule. Although it did not directly affect the viewership of the playoffs and the grand final, the OWL could have gained more viewers with enough advertising.

In-game replays

In total, Overwatch has millions of fans around the world, but not all of them have access to live-streaming, or the most important luxury of all—time. That’s why saving replays would add to the overall engagement of the Overwatch League. Replay viewers and observers can have a recap of the match without resorting to second-hand sources, and players could also learn a lot from their mistakes if they have a complete access to their previous matches.


Written by ThisIsSam