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Convictus Esports Group To Host Melbourne Dota 2 Pro Series

Posted 19th August 2018 By: Derpina    444 Views

Convictus Esports Group To Host Melbourne Dota 2 Pro Series - Tipify

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Esports News -Many believe that Australia is one of the forgotten regions of Dota 2, but Convictus Esports Group is about to bring the action back in Melbourne and will be hosting a regional Dota 2 Pro Series. It will be a part of Oceania’s largest Dota 2 tournament, featuring a $50,000 AUD ($36,500 USD) prize pool.

Melbourne Dota 2 Pro Series

To promote and support Oceania region’s Dota 2 scene and its aspiring players, Convictus Esports Group established the Melbourne Dota 2 Pro Series. The event which pans from a series of online qualifiers all the way to the finals will culminate at Plenary, Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre.

A total of eight Dota 2 teams—two international direct invites and six qualified teams from China, SEA, and OCE regions—will compete in a two-day LAN event from December 8th to 9th. The qualifiers are completely online and will be held across the said regions over two days in September. The two teams who will survive the best-of-one single elimination bracket of the same event will advance to the main event in Melbourne.

All flights and 5-star accommodations will be provided to all teams who will make it to the final stage of the competition, promising an international standard and truly professional leading tournament for all the players involved. Aside from the prize pool and player-accommodations, the event will also feature cosplay competitions, on-site gaming experiences, and esports marketplace for fans. A range of different-level tickets is available on sale at $59 for a single day entry and at $279 for a two-day VIP access.

Any team from the participating regions, amateurs or professionals, can join the qualifiers. To join, follow the open qualifier registration below:

SEA – September 1-2 – register on Faceit’s SEA Dota 2 Open Qualifier
OCE – September 8-9 – register on Faceit’s Oceania Dota 2 Open Qualifier
CN – September 15-16 – registration to open soon

For a detailed breakdown of all the Dota 2 qualifiers and main event dates, see the list below:

September 1st -2nd – South-East Asia Qualifier – Online
September 8th -9th – Oceania Online Qualifier – Online
September 15th -16th – China Online Qualifier – Online
December 7th – Group Stages – ZEN Gaming Lounge
December 8-9th – Two Day Main Event – Plenary, Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre


Written by Derpina