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Interactive Features & Events For TI8 Fans

Posted 13th August 2018 By: Derpina    409 Views

Interactive Features & Events For TI8 Fans - Tipify

Esports News – Three days from now, the entire esports community will witness The International 8 (TI8), along with the conclusion of the Dota Pro Circuit tournament series. Yes, it is easily the single, biggest esports event of 2018.

On August 15th, a total of 18 Dota 2 teams will meet each other on stage in Vancouver, Canada to fight for the  TI8 title and bring home the biggest portion of the $23 million prize pool. The first place gets 44% of the share (10,470,062), while the second and third place teams get 16% and 10.5% respectively. But the teams, venues, and prize pool are just three of the exciting things the event has to offer. Valve and other third-party organizers have confirmed that they will also bring the TI8 experience to the audience.

Newcomer Stream

Valve is always keen to introduce new features to Dota 2 to make the game more welcoming to players and spectators. One of the features re-launching this season is the “Newcomer Stream”, a broadcast system initially introduced by Valve for The International 4. According to the organizers, the new version of the stream for the TI8 is “enhanced with contextual overlays that call out information helpful for understanding the intricate world of Dota during the biggest event of the season.”

The stream functions as a beginner’s introduction explaining the basics of the game and the tournament to first-time viewers. The goal is to attract the public’s attention while the game is ongoing, in hopes to make Dota 2 and TI8 accessible to new fans. At home, fans can easily stream and watch the broadcast. But once the actual event begins, other newcomers can help outsiders access the Newcomer Stream.


Aside from watching the live tournament, fans can also experience extracurricular activities, like “Pubstomps”, during or after the event. These are extremely popular viewing parties and gatherings sponsored by Valve, gaming companies, or fans themselves. It gives everyone an opportunity to gather around, meet like-minded people, and cheer for their favorite teams.

Originally, there are over 250 official outlets and Pubstomps fans can choose from, and organizers are planning to open more doors for newcomers. Visit Reddit Pubstomps threads or the official Barcraft landing page for more information and to find the nearest Pubstomp in your area.


Written by Derpina