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LoL Clash Returns In September For Fixes & Improvements

Posted 27th August 2018 By: Derpina

LoL Clash Returns In September For Fixes And Improvements - Tipify

Esports News – If one can recall, the League of Legends tournament mode “Clash” encountered technical failures when it first launched, and it was then delayed due to issues affecting certain regions. But lo and behold, Riot Games announced that they will introduce a new and improved Clash to the Public Beta Environment (PBE) in September. Amateur LoL groups can now compete in the professional arena once again.

Improvements and preparations

Players can participate in Clash on September 5. But first, the updated version will undergo a staggered scouting phase to ensure that fewer games start at once during the launch. Riot Draggles shared on their post: “We’ll be testing a staggered scouting phase, which allows us to extend the length of the scouting phase for some games, meaning fewer games will start simultaneously. This should significantly reduce the load on the systems that are part of the champ select flow and allow you to get into games more reliably.”

Under the new terms, players can test the game by creating their Clash team and waiting for the lock-in time like the previous version. The new tournaments feature contain four teams, and they will have to follow all the updating schedules of Riot before participating.

Accordingly, Riot scheduled another test on September 11 featuring a four-team bracket taking place again, but will consist of backend changes. The last and final test takes place on September 19 to test the overall performance of the Clash recovery tool. This ensures that the tournament mode can easily recover from issues if something happens again. It will be able to edit tournament details like tier calculations, SMS verification, honor restrictions, ticket bids, and rewards. A technical issue will then require everyone to log out and to execute a soft restart.

If the PBE tests from September 5 to 19 are successful, Riot will move on to regional tests. They hope to finish Clash by the end of 2018 and introduce it as an official tournament mode.


The participating players need a PBE account to take part in the Clash tests. The registration area is on League of Legends official page. The player’s main account must be in good standings (no current bans) and have an honor level 3 or above.


Written by Derpina