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LoL World Championship 2018 Qualified Teams & Regions

Posted 26th August 2018 By: Derpina    839 Views

LoL World Championship 2018 Qualified Teams & Regions - Tipify

Esports News – Riot finally announced the dates, locations, and tournament formats for the League of Legends World Championship. It’s just a couple of months away and 24 of the strongest teams in the Lol esports scene will face each other in South Korea. In this regard, we have a list of all qualifiers prior to the event to help you keep track of every team participating in the event.

North America LCS

Counter Logic Gaming, Team SoloMid, and Team Liquid are the heavy favorites here. Fans believe that they will represent North America in the championship, but we have yet to see the winners of the Summer Split Playoff Finals on September 9.

Europe LCS

Like the NA LCS, there are no European representatives for LoL yet. As far as we know, two teams will also confirm their slots after the Summer Split Playoff Finals on September 9. Their third placed seed will also be the winner of the regional finals. The contenders include Fnatic, Team Vitality, FC Schalke, G2 Esports, Misfits Gaming, Splyce, Team ROCCAT, Unicorns Of Love, Giants Gaming, and H2k-Gaming.

South Korea LCK

Kt Rolster, the representative of Korean Telecom, is already guaranteed a slot. They either get the first or second seed after Kingzone Dragon-X’s battle against the Afreeca Freecs in the LCK summer playoffs. The other two spots will come from the LCK playoffs finals on September 8.

Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao LMS

Flash Wolves, an esports team based in Taiwan, either get the first or second seed after finishing their matches in the MLS summer season. Their final and official place will come from the total championship points from the LMS. The final spots for other contenders will come from the Summer Playoff Finals on September 15.

China LPL

There are no teams with confirmed slots in the China LPL. All three teams competing for the Worlds will be finalized after the Summer Playoff and Regional finals later this year. The two winners will come from the East and West regions.

Vietnam VCS

No teams from the VCS tournaments has secured their places in the Worlds. The Vietnamese team who will win the Summer Playoffs of the VCS will gain an automatic entry to the groups stage. The contenders are EVOS Esports, Ultimate, GIGABYTE Marines, Young Generation, Cherry Gaming, FTV Esports, FFQTV Gaming, and Hall of Fame.

Brazil CBLOL

Brazil’s representative is the winner of CBLOL Winter Playoffs. The current contenders are KaBum! e-Sports, Flamengo eSports, CNB e-Sports Club, IDM Gaming, and Vivo Keyd. The winner represents their region in the World’s Play-In Stage.

Russia LCL

The winner of the LCL Summer Playoffs represents Russia in the Worlds Play In-Stage. The contenders are Gambit Esports, RoX, M19, Team Just, Dragon Army, Vega Squadron, Elements Pro Gaming, and Vaevictis Esports.

Japan LJL

Japan has yet to announce its representative for the Worlds. The winner of the LJL summer playoffs on September 15 represents their region in the Worlds Play-In stage. The contenders featture DetonatioN FocusMe, PENTAGRAM, Unsold Stuff Gaming, V3 Esports, Rascal Jester, and 7th Heaven.

Latin America North LLN

The future winner of the LLN Closing Playoffs represents Latin America North in the Worlds Play-In Stage. The teams vying for the spot are Rainbow7, Predators eSports, Dash9 Gaming, Infinity eSports, 6Sense, Pixel eSports Club, Gaming Gaming, and ZAGA Talent Gaming.

Latin America South CLS

Latin America South representative is the winner of the CLS Closing Playoffs. The team automatically heads on to the Worlds Play-In stage. The participating teams are Kaos Latin Gamers, Isurus Gaming, Rebirth eSports, Furious Gaming, Legatum, Evilvice Esports, Dark Horse, and Hafnet eSports.

Oceania OPL

The OPL is consist of two split seasons, but the region will only be represented by one team in the Worlds Play-In stage. The teams battling for the spot are Dire Wolves, Chiefs Esports Club, ORDER, Legacy Esports, Bombers, Mammoth Esports, Avant Garde, and Tectonic.

Philippines SEA

Thai team Ascension Gaming, the winner of the summer SEA tour finals last August 19, will represent their region in the Worlds Play-In stage. They defeated MEGA, Kuala Lumpur Hunters, Resurgence, and Mineski on the qualifiers.

Turkey TCL

The winner of the TLC Summer Playoffs will represent their region in the Worlds Play-In stage, this team could be Royal Bandits, SuperMassive eSports, Fenerbahçe, Dark Passage, HWA Gaming, Bursaspor Esports, YouthCrew Esports, and Team AURORA.


Written by Derpina