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NA LCS Day 2, Week 6 Match Breakdown

Posted 2nd August 2018 By: Derpina    141 Views

NA LCS Day 2, Week 6 Match Breakdown - Tipify

Esports News – As another week of the North America League of Legends Championship Series (NA LCS) draws to a close, the competing teams now start to permanently stamp their positions on the standings. While some of the favorite teams boasted off incredible performances, other teams failed to meet the people’s expectations. Know which is which on our NA LCS Day 2, Week 6 recap:

Flyquest vs TSM

Both teams started the game in a passive style, trying to find the strengths and weaknesses of the other. But Flyquest had a strong control of the round after they picked up two very early kills. TSM tried to save the game and own the round for themselves, but their strategies were weaker compared to Flyquest.

100 Thieves vs CLG

One of the most interesting matches of the week was between 100 Thieves and CLG as both teams battled for control. CLG dominated the game early after consistent kills and objectives, but 100 Thieves successfully secured the Baron buff and used its power to claim multiple objects near them. Once 100 Thieves compiled their new-found possessions, CLG couldn’t handle the opposing team anymore.

Team Liquid vs Clutch Gaming

The fight was one-sided between Team Liquid and Clutch Gaming since Liquid already proved their track record prior to the match. They were in a guaranteed and comfortable position even before the game began. Clutch Gaming, as expected, failed to find cohesion and coordination with Team Liquid’s players on the line.

Cloud9 vs Echo Fox

Like Liquid and Clutch’s match, this match was also viewed as one-sided by many. Analysts predicted that the victory is destined for Echo Fox after the team gained an advantaged during the early and mid-game rounds; Cloud 9 was heavily outnumbered in terms of kills and objectives. Surprisingly, Cloud9 upset the match and proved that Echo Fox’s early lead was nothing compared to their determination.

Optic Gaming vs Golden Guardians

Optic and Golden Guardian’s match was the longest battle this week. The two teams traded heavy blows on their way to victory. Optic led the match in the mid-game round with their solid objective control, but the Guardians took back what they’ve taken a few minutes after. This might be the end for Optic, but the team shockingly outsmarted the Guardians despite having a significant gold deficit.


Written by Derpina