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The NADCL: Aspiring Players’ Path To The International Scene

Posted 4th August 2018 By: Derpina    225 Views

The NADCL: Aspiring Players' Path To The International Scene - Tipify

Esports News – Peter “PPD” Dager, the former CEO of esports organization Evil Geniuses, recently publicized the creation of a new league dubbed as the North American Dota Challengers League (NADCL). The event is set to culminate before The International 8, but as far as one’s concerned, only amateur players and aspiring professionals are welcome to join. The main goal of the league, according to Dager, is to give more players a shot at the big leagues.

Mission and vision

“I’m hoping we will create and sustain a healthy league for Dota players, which will give them opportunities to progress towards a professional Dota career. The tournament’s planning has just begun, but [when it comes to structure and format] I have spoken to all of the professional North American Dota teams, as well as many aspiring Dota professionals in both the NA and EU regions,” Dager said

The NADCL will function as a semi-professional league for North American players. Dager, along with other organizers helping him, aims to showcase unsponsored players. This helps amateurs climb up the ladder and join major Dota 2 tournaments and gain financial and career stability in the process.

Format and sponsors

At present, Dager is eyeing a Challengers League that includes an open number of qualifying rounds. Eight teams will probably compete in a group stage opening round, followed by the top four in best-of-three, single elimination matches. The tournament structure is similar to the Dota Pro Circuit’s format, but the distribution of prizes would be different. The NADCL will make use of a flatter prize pool structure, an equal distribution of cash. Dager believes that this can encourage participation since winning each game already translates to rewards, incentives, and a balanced competition.

The NADCL is, of course, a far cry from Valve-sponsored Dota 2 tournaments. The bigger these international tournaments are, the more third-party organizers are willing to produce the event. Dager can’t say that the same thing will instantly happen for his new league, but he admitted that the teams do seek sponsors to fund their practice time and future tournaments. Above all, a sponsored team can gain invites or qualifier wins. That being the case, the NADCL serves as a platform for sponsors seeking players with potentials and an arena for aspiring Dota 2 players aiming for a gaming career.


Written by Derpina