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SEA Representatives’ Race To The LoL World Championship

Posted 15th August 2018 By: Derpina    356 Views

SEA Representatives’ Race To The LoL World Championship - Tipify

Esports News – Professional League of Legends teams are now on their way to the World Championship, but we have yet to see the unbeatable contenders from the representatives of the South East Asia (SEA) region. Vying for one of the few remaining slots, eight teams will face each other at the first Globe Conquerors Manila in Pasay, Philippines.

The upcoming tournament marks the conclusion of regional LoL publisher Garena’s inaugural SEA Tour, and will see a series of battles among LoL teams from the Philippines (Mineski and ArkAngel), Thailand (Ascension Gaming and MEGA), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur Hunters and Team Anything), Singapore (Resurgence), and Indonesia (Bigetron Esports).

Tournament format

The top four contenders from the first stage will proceed to the live finals at the Mall of Asia Arena on August 18-19. Despite Vietnam’s current standing at the 2017’s Worlds SEA qualifier of the Garena Pro League (GPL), each competing team has a positive shot at representing the entire SEA region in the World Championship. The top three seeds and teams from Spring and Summer 2018 will remain frontrunners.

Top three frontrunners

Ascension Gaming missed the Worlds last year by just one game, but they emerged victorious at the GPL Spring 2018. More than that, they are SEA’s representatives for the Mid-Season Invitational. Thailand and the rest of the world eye the success of Ascension now that team Vietnam is out of the picture.

Fresh from their victory at the Hyperplay Singapore, Kuala Lumpur Hunters is definitely one of the more flexible teams in the mix. Their most threatening players are responsible for their continuous momentum: Chan “ArrHedge” Roong Han, Calvin “SOUPerior” Vern, and Poon “OzoraVeki” Kok Sing.

Mineski was one of the powerhouse teams in the previous World Championship. But they haven’t executed any memorable performances yet, and it’s been five years. Nonetheless, their roster and organization leaders are completely different now. Under the support and guidance of ex-EU Challenger Series coach JM “3Finger” Dualan, Mineski showed total dominance over the Philippine esports scene throughout 2018. With their new aggressive, rotation-focused playstyle, it is evident that their race to the World at Globe Conquerors Manila will be a successful one.


Written by Derpina