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Tech Review Tuesday: NVIDIA G-SYNC BFGD vs Samsung CHG90

Posted 7th August 2018 By: Derpina    727 Views

Tech Review Tuesday: Nvidia G-SYNC BFGD vs Samsung CHG90

Esports News – There are numerous specs to consider when choosing and evaluating a gaming monitor. But, be informed that no gaming monitor is great in all aspects. The best way to deal with this is to purchase one that can and will never go out of style. Gaming equipment that can stay with you as long as you need it should be your top priority.

In this regard, today’s Tipify Gaming Equipment Series features two monitors that redefine the traditional look and appearance of a standard gaming monitor, without compromising performance and quality. We continue our search for the coolest, quirkiest, and boldest gaming equipment through the NVIDIA G-SYNC BFGD and Samsung CHG90.


In case you’re wondering, BFGD stands for Big Format Gaming Display. The NVIDIA monitor boasts an insane 65-inch gaming screen, the world’s first big-screen PC gaming display designed for those who seek 4K gaming. Actually, it is more than what you want in a gaming monitor as it also includes 1000 nits peak luminance, full-direct array backlight, DCI-P3 color gamut, ultra-low latency, and 0 to 240 Hz refresh rates.

The most unconventional characteristic of the NVIDIA G-Sync BFGD is its size. Design-wise, there’s not much to look at. But the graphics offer a range of luminance similar to what the human eye can see, thanks to G-SYNC High Dynamic Range (HDR) displays with wide color gamut and intense brightness. Partner its ultra-responsive gaming support and you’re good to go. Gaming aside, you can also enjoy other forms of entertainment using NVIDIA G-SYNC BFGD because it’s the only monitor already equipped with Netflix, Amazon Video, NVIDIA GameStream, Hulu and Android Games.

Samsung CHG90 QLED

Another monitor that challenges the look of traditional gaming equipment is Samsung’s CHG90 QLED. Though quite smaller than the NVIDIA G-Sync, it showcases a groundbreaking 49-inch, super ultra-wide 32:9 curved screen. It actually resembles a panel more than it does a monitor. It fills your vision completely, even your peripheral that can cause distraction during gaming.

For the most part and aside from the gigantic size, the monitor carries 3840 x 1080 resolution, QLED quantum dot display, FreeSync 2 technology, HDR support, and 144Hz screen refresh rates; but the newest software feature built within it is the 20-step Black Equalizer mode that adjusts any game scene to the brightness level the user wants, letting him spot enemies (from any game) hiding in even the darkest areas of the screen. Combining all the introductory and impressive elements, it is no doubt that Samsung CHG90 is a factory-calibrated monitor perfect for FPS, RTS, RPG, or AOS genres.


Written by Derpina