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Exclusive Interview: TyLoo’s CaptainMo & Somebody

Posted 15th September 2018 By: Derpina    385 Views

Exclusive Interview: Tyloo’s CaptainMo & Somebody - Tipify

Esports News – Chinese esports organization, TyLoo, is widely recognized as one of the pioneers of China’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competitive scene. The team only places second and first from all their previous Major competitions, nothing less. Just recently, they secured a slot in the FACEIT’s Major New Legends Stage after beating Team Spirit 2-0 in the New Challengers Stage. This is the first time a team from Asia reached Top 16 at a Major tournament.

On that premise, let’s take this opportunity to talk with TyLoo’s longest standing member and team leader Ke “CaptainMo” Liu and Asia’s “smoke criminal” player HaoWen “Somebody” Xu about the current standing and deepest secrets of TyLoo.

Majors as a big tournament

Major tournaments are some of the biggest CSGO competitions, and TyLoo has its fair share of experience in this domain. When asked about the difference of FACEIT’s Major from their previous matches, CaptainMO said: “A Major is not just a big tournament for us, it has been the main goal since we started playing CSGO. We always wanted to take that step forward. We always made it to the main qualifier, now the New Challenger Stage, but we couldn’t do the last step. This time we did it and we are really happy about it, we will just take it from here.”

The New Challengers Stage is the team’s biggest achievement yet, and since CaptainMO is one of the team’s oldest players, his perspective matters: “I’m just super happy because I finally made it, we finally made it. From now, we are just going to try our hardest and see if we can go further.”

Roster diversity

TyLoo’s original roster is solely composed of Chinese players, but they recently branched out and added two Indonesian players to the team: Hansel “BnTeT” Ferdinand and Kevin “xccurate” Susanto. When asked about the current form of the team with the addition of new players from other countries, Somebody stated: “Compared to the old roster, we are playing more as a team. The whole approach to the game is more team-based, everything we do, we do as a team. But the downfall right now is the communication, it is pretty obvious. You can stay behind us when we are practicing or playing, there is chaos in the communication, a mix of three languages. Those are the pros and cons of this roster.”

Perfect World CSGO China

CSGO recently launch the Perfect World game mode by default for all users in China. It’s features a balanced and optimized gameplay. At first, this had confused all amateur and professional players, but Tyloo managed to get the hang of it before competing for international tournaments. Here’s Somebody to share how did the release of the Perfect World version impact the Chinese community: “Since the launch of Perfect World in China, the player base increased significantly because people were actually not able to play matchmaking in CSGO, you needed to use a VPN or something like that. That is one thing, the other thing is that since then, we are having more and more international tournaments in China, either sponsored or organized by Perfect World. It is definitely a good thing, it is going to help us a lot, it is going to draw attention and more professional teams to China.”


Written by Derpina