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First Phase Of Clash Test Kicks Off On September 5

Posted 3rd September 2018 By: Derpina    504 Views

First Phase Of Clash Test Kicks Off On September 5 - Tipify

Esports News – Following the previous re-launch of League of Legends: Clash, the tournament-style returns this September for the first phase of periodical testing. This particular stage will see Riot Games try out multiple staggered scouting phases to reduce stress on the gameplay’s systems and to avoid future system crashes.

Scouting phases

QaA Analyst Riot Rapwnzel posted the details on LoL’s board page, saying: “For this particular test, we will be exercising Staggered Scouting Phases. What this means for us is that we will be able to rate limit the number of LoL Clash matches that begin simultaneously to reduce the load on dependent systems and ensure more reliable game starts. What this means for you is that your Scouting phase duration may now vary (starting at a minimum of 5 minutes) to accommodate a high influx of game starts.”

Players who want to participate in the test can sign-up for a Public Beta Environment (PBE) account before it starts on Wednesday. Each account must be in good standing (with no current bans) and be honor level 3 or above. After registration, all participants must follow the terms and conditions below:

  • All participants must assemble a group of 5 players and register your team on the Clash tab between Monday, September 3rd @ 09:00 PT and 16:00 PT on Wednesday, September 5th. If you don’t have 4 friends on PBE, drop by the PBE Discord and find members to complete your line-up.
  • Lock-in 30 minutes before the tournament begins. It will begin at 16:00 PT on Wednesday, September 5th and will close at 16:30 PT.
  • The official scouting phase begins at 16:30 PT and will last for a minimum of 5 minutes. Be informed that this stage, in particular, is what Riot Games will evaluate during the entire Clash test. They highly encourage everyone to send feedbacks during or after the game.
  • Compete for 2 consecutive games. Skill-based matchmaking is void, so some games may be one-sided depending on the various skill levels of the teams competing. When the Clash mode is fully enabled, that’s when Riot levels the playing field.

For now, Riot Games are encouraging everyone to wait for more details regarding the update. The first LoL Clash test will ultimately start on September 5, to be followed by two tests on September 11 and 19.


Written by Derpina