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KaBuM!: The Only Brazilian Team To Enter The Worlds Twice

Posted 20th September 2018 By: Derpina    354 Views

KaBuM!: The Only Brazilian Team To Enter The Worlds Twice - Tipify

Esports News – After winning the CBLoL Winter Finals, KaBuM! e-Sports becomes the only Brazilian team in League of Legends to represent the country twice in the World Championship. And with that achievement, they cement global history. The team will now go from 2017 relegation to the 2018 Worlds—and if they manage to perform well in the play-in stage, they will advance to the group stage together with the best teams from different regions.

Journey to the Worlds

The journey of KaBuM! to the most prestigious LoL tournament in the world was filled with challenges. They were one of the underdogs from the previous season. In fact, Zantins, the team’s top laner, summed up their 2018 season by saying: “If someone told me last year that we were going to win the next two splits, I would laugh and think it would not happen. The relegation and all the other difficult moments we had were essential for us to achieve our goals, so I do not think the past has to be forgotten.”

After the 2014 World Championship, the team lost players and struggled to complete a full roster for the next matches lined-up. Because of this, they were relegated to the Challenger Circuit—the second division of CBLoL where teams have to undergo a promotion series to qualify for the next split.

The team earned promotion in 2017 and earned a higher position at the CBLoL with a new structure. They introduced a more consistent lineup with the help of foreign coach Jean-Francois “Nuddle” Carron. KaBuM! Aimed higher and won the summer stage of this year’s CBLoL to represent Brazil in the Mid-Season Invitational.

Along the way, the team had to bid goodbye to Nuddle before the winter season. The hole he left behind saw KaBuM! struggling once again at the beginning of this year until the arrival of their new coach, Lee “Hiro” Woo Seok. This led to a clash of cultures between Brazil and South Korea, but Hiro evidently “put the house in order” while revealing the gaming potentials of KaBuM!. The team won the regular season title for the second time this year after spending half of the season with Hiro. With their confirmed slots for the World Championship, we’ll see more of Hiro and his team in the international stage.

Current roster

  • Lee “Hiro” Woo-suk – Coach
  • Gabriel “Halier” Garcia – Assistant Coach
  • Luccas “Zantins” Zanqueta – Top Laner
  • Filipe “Ranger” Brombilla – Jungler
  • Guilherme “Atlanta” Matos – Mid Laner
  • Matheus “Dynquedo” Rossini – Mid Laner
  • Alexandre “TitaN” Lima – Bot Laner
  • Marcelo “Riyev” Carrara – Support
  • Willyan Bonpam “Wos” – Support
  • Henrique “KZ” Monteiro – Sub/Top


Written by Derpina