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LoL Pro League: IG And Rogue Lead Eastern & Western Conferences

Posted 6th September 2018 By: Derpina    215 Views


LoL Pro League: IG & Rogue Lead Eastern & Western Conferences - Tipify

Esports News – An excruciating 3 months of battles and matches ended the League of Legends Pro League Summer Split, and only two teams came on top. Setting the bar high for other players and sitting atop their respective banners, Invictus Gaming led the East Region while Rogue Warriors dominated the West region.

Tournament format

While the Spring Split winners will represent their regions in the 2018 Mid-Season Invitational, the winners of the Summer split joins the other two Chinese teams in the 2018 LoL World Championship. Two groups of seven teams each from home venues and conferences are divided based on their Summer Season performances.

All the matches were in a best-of-three format, giving each team a chance to play a total of 19 matches. It included Double and Single Round Robin matches where all the groups faced each other one by one—one point for each win and minus one point for each loss. The total scores in the end determines the next tournaments for each team. Invictus Gaming and Rogue Warriors both get a two-round bye then heads straight to the semi-finals. The second place team will get one bye to the Quarter Finals, while the third and fourth teams will qualify for the playoffs without byes. The bottom three on the ranking, however, will not qualify for any tournament.

Eastern Conference

For the most part of the battles within the East region, a number of teams made impressive last-minute surprises. With that, the teams advancing to the playoffs are now determined. Following Invictus Gaming’s 18-1 total tally are Royal Never Give Up (13-5), JingDongGaming (13-5), and Suning Gaming (10-9). The bottom three that will watch the winning teams from the sidelines are LGD Gaming (9-10), Bilibili Gaming (6-13), and Vici Gaming (2-17).

Western Conference

Over the West, the battles are much tougher as the final results showed scores far closer to one another. Leading the rankings is Rogue Warriors with a 14-4 tally. Following the top team’s footsteps are EDward Gaming (11-8) and TopSports Gaming (10-9). The last spot either goes to FunPlus Phoenix (8-10) or Snake Esports (7-10) as the latter still has two games to play for the following weeks. But mathematically speaking, Team We (6-13) and Oh My God (5-14) are officially eliminated from the playoffs even if they manage to win all of their upcoming matches.


Written by Derpina