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Scruffy Unveils Preseason Development Update For LoL

Posted 8th September 2018 By: Derpina    239 Views

Scruffy Unveils Preseason Development Update For LoL - Tipify

Esports News – In October, we’ll witness the final battle of the best League of Legends professional teams at the World Championship. But long before the conclusion of this year’s season, Riot Games is already planning to make some changes and improvements for next year. A preseason development is currently on-going.

Preseason development update 1

Mark “Riot Scruffy” Yetter, the Lead Gameplay Designer for LoL, posted the first update regarding the preseason development on the official LoL’s board page. In a prelude, he posted: “Hey everyone, it’s been a few weeks since I gave a rundown on our plans for the rest of this year and preseason. I wanted to come back with an update and sneak peek a bunch of the ideas we’re testing right now. We’re aiming this preseason to improve the quality of time spent of LoL games and keep you fighting for a win instead of stuck in a lost game.”

The four main goals of the development feature the following:

Changes in the Laning Phase

From now on, the Laning Phase is slightly longer. Other turrets can now start the game with a barricade that adds 5 small health bars on top of its main health. Every barricade destroyed rewards players some gold, but after 10 minutes, these barricades will disappear. With this initial change, every game will have a longer and more protected laning types. Additionally, slight damage increases on the turrets will affect the tower dives.

Bounties and Comebacks

Another significant change currently under the microscope is allowing the bounties to scale off of more than just kills. Bounties have been a good tool for players because killing a powerful enemy is both skillful and leads to actively fighting for a comeback rather than passively farming. Overall, these bounties will increase slightly to compensate for the new system and to prevent players from resorting to farming.

Decided Games to Resolve Faster

Melee and cannon minion health will now scale up much higher in the mid and late game. These changes will allow games to end more naturally, preventing overtime where a team has clearly lost but the game still drags on for too long.

Rune Paths And Stat Bonuses

After the update, Riot Games will have independent stat choices on every rune page. They’re still working out the details for the choices, but one thing’s for sure: rune paths will no longer dictate stat bonuses. The stat choices are now categorized into offensive and defensive stats. The Offensive has Attack Damage, Ability Power, Attack Speed, and Cooldown Reduction; while the Defensive has Armor, Magic Resist, Scaling Health, and Health Regen.


Written by Derpina