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Exclusive Interview: Sunny Talks About Mousesports’ ESL Win

Posted 1st October 2018 By: Derpina    369 Views

Exclusive Interview: Sunny Talks About Mousesports’ ESL Win - Tipify

Esports News – Mousesports and Team Liquid headed to the grand finals of the ESL One New York yesterday, ending the month of September with cheers and excitement from CSGO fans around the world. But only one champion lifted the trophy at Barclays Center today, and the glory goes to Mousesports. With that said, let’s have a recap of what happened through the eyes of the winning team’s rifler, Miikka “suNny” Kemppi.

The struggles of an underdog

From day one of the tournament, Mousesports have struggled to defeat all teams in the line-up prior to the grand finals. They were the underdog, and they had to face a lot of chalks along the way. But as one can see in the grand finals, the team has evolved. Here’s Sunny’s personal account regarding the team’s progression throughout the tournament: “After the Major we were really depressed and we talked about how to get things rolling again, but the key part I think was the comeback against fnatic during the first match because that was a confidence boost for everyone. It was never technical stuff with us, it was all individual mistakes because of some pressures, it felt like many people on the team had to prove themselves. For example, the rumors about oskar getting benched, or everyone talking about whether Snax can return to his form or not, so we all had a lot of pressure on our shoulders and that was the reason we were so bad at the Major.”

A comeback against The Chalks

Mousesports faced Liquid many times before, but the grand finals in New York gave Liquid the home field advantage—not to mention the fact that Liquid previously swept the group stages in one-sided victories. Despite the odds against them, Mousesports claimed the title of champions in a five-map series. It’s definitely a comeback. To elaborate, Sunny said: “About the comeback, this happened with the old squad as well, but the thing is that when we’re with our back against the wall, then we give everything. It sounds weird to say because you have to give everything every round of a LAN tournament… Let me give an example, imagine I’ve gone through lower 5000 times in CSGO, but when you have your back against the wall, you remember all of the ways you’ve died going from lower to short and mid, so you’re really focused and telling every detail to your teammates. That level of focus is very hard to reach if you’re not playing with really high adrenaline. So yeah, I would say that our comeback against fnatic was the reason we started to believe that we can do it, and the last two maps of the finals were like that, everyone was communicating really well.”

Replacing STYKO with Snax

Martin ‘STYKO’ Styk had been part of Mousesports since August 2017 when he left HellRaisers. Janusz ‘Snax’ Pogorzelski, on the other hand, had been with Virtus.Pro since 2014. This roster change brought a huge impact to Mousesports’ future performances as they now have a line-up consists of Tomáš “oskar” Šťastný, Chris “chrisJ” de Jong, Robin “ropz” Kool, Snax, and Sunny. According to Sunny, bringing this list to the grand finals improved the communication of the team: “The biggest issue when Snax came in was communication, it wasn’t that it was his fault. For example, there were a lot of situations when STYKO was on the team in which he would speak for other players. Like, if I’d push up mid and couldn’t talk he was communicating and managing the players letting them know what’s going to happen next. That changed when Snax joined, he communicates fine for himself, and he understands us, but removing Martin showed that our communication was flawed and that he was a big part of why we were successful.”

Future tournaments

As the grand champion of ESL One New York, Mousesports is going to Kiev straightaway. When asked about the goals and insights of the team, Sunny answered: “When we did the player change we thought we’d play ESL One Cologne, which would be the warm-up tournament, and that we’d then be instantly back to our level. We set too high goals for ourselves, and we set some new ones after Stockholm, which is building a great team for next year. I’d say that all of the tournaments this year are going to be more like practice. Obviously, we still want to win the trophies, but the goal is to get in tip-top shape and have a great map pool before the first tournament of next year.”


Written by Derpina