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Overwatch League Season 2: Format Changes

Posted 21st October 2018 By: Derpina    208 Views

Overwatch League Season 2: Format Changes - Tipify

Esports News – In addition to the new expansion teams joining next season, The Overwatch League also announced that crucial changes would be coming in the league soon. This is a result of Blizzard Entertainment’s breakdown of the inaugural season’s successes and failures. Ultimately, the new changes will accommodate both growth and stability.

Schedule and tournament format

Jon Spector, OWL’s Director of Franchises and Competition, said: “we wanted to look at the way things affect the league as a whole. With eight new teams coming in, we’ll be broadcasting more content, but we’ll also be able to give players more of a break…One thing that we constantly heard from coaches and players is that they needed more time to game plan and strategize for each opponent.”

With that, it’s evident that the main changes target the league’s 20 teams and their 28 matches across five stages. Spector hasn’t revealed the details regarding the scheduling yet, but teams will surely have bye weeks and longer breaks before and after the matches. This will surely help each player overcome stress and fatigue, and also allow them to visit their home regions during the league season.

The initial adjustments were already applied to The All-Star Weekend where the event has been moved to the middle of the season, between stages 2 and 3, to allow players to rest and prepare for the next games.

Old and new teams

The new additions to the league, in other news, will play every opponent in their own division twice and every team in the opposite division once. This format, according to Spector, “fits perfectly into OWL’s existing divisions”. Additionally, it allows natural rivalries to come out, like what happened between Boston and New York.

The regular season is the front of all changes, but the old and expansion teams will also be affected by the postseason; most especially the eight teams who will be qualified for the playoffs. Organizers and officials of the league are hoping that the play-in tournament will give everyone a chance to gain playoff momentum, even if they had poor performances at the beginning of the season. One good example is London’s Spitfire’s run last season.


Written by Derpina