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Riot Games Teases League Of Legends All-Star Event

Posted 12th October 2018 By: Derpina    398 Views

Riot Games Teases League Of Legends All-Star Event - Tipify

Esports News – The League of Legends World Championship is underway, but the next big event in the League of Legends competitive calendar, All-Star, is fast approaching. This year’s All-Star event will culminate at the Esports Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada on December 6 to 8 and boasts a brand new format for the event.

Updates and format

Riot Games recently announced that the organization considered and implemented feedback from professional players and fans for the changes and improvements this year. They said: “We listened to feedback from pros and fans, and this December we’re bringing back the All-Star Event in a new format with an emphasis on celebrating the things that fans love about League: the game, the competition, and the community.”

This year’s All-Star event features two pro players from each competitive region—both of which will be decided through a fan vote. There will be two or three community creators, chosen through the League Partner Program, as well as four pro players who receives special invitations directly from Riot. This is a completely different format from the region-based teams that have been featured in the previous All-Star events.

For the final line-up of representatives, approximately 64 players will be picked from the following criteria:

  • 2 fan-voted professional players from each of the 14 competitive regions (each region will have a pool of 20 players to vote for)
  • 2-3 personalities and streamers from each region, selected from the League Partner Program
  • 4 professional players that receive All-Star invites, chosen after the fan vote has taken place

The voting for the All-Star Event’s competitors officially starts on October 17 and will last for roughly one week. The chosen players, representatives, and personalities will play a variety of games during the three-day event. The initial line-up includes the All-Star 1v1 tournament (with all 32 pro players), a charity 2v2 tournament, regional show matches (NA vs EU, China vs Korea, for example), an East vs West best-of-five series, and mixed-team alternate game modes. More than that, Riot also promises extra incentives for fans to watch All-Star: new game content that teases a new LoL feature.


Written by Derpina