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Sergej Shares ENCE’s Success Story in StarSeries & i-League

Posted 15th October 2018 By: Derpina    348 Views

Sergej Shares ENCE’s Success Story in StarSeries & i-League - Tipify

Esports NewsENCE Esports is the newest CSGO champions in Kiev for the StarSeries & i-League Season 6, while its very-own top player Jere “Sergej” Salo claims the MVP award. The team defeated Vega Squadron in a best-of-five marathon grand finals with a series score of 3-2. To close out the season and have a peek on ENCE’s successful run, here’s Sergej in an exclusive interview.

Pressure of being an underdog

ENCE is a Finnish multi-gaming organization established in 2013. Through the years, the team struggled to keep their CSGO roster stable and were dubbed as one of the underdogs in return. Because of this, Sergej and the team felt a lot of pressure in the StarSeries grand finals. He shared: “We had good practices and a few good online results, so we were confident we could win this event if we played our best. We actually thought it was going to be the easy match. We had beaten OpTic, BIG, mouz, and those teams, so we thought that Vega would be easier. But the pressure got to us in the final, a lot of us haven’t been in this situation before, so the pressure got to us and they actually played really well.”

Adding to the top-tier teams in the line-up is the game of the favorites. One would think that the crowd in favor of Vega Squadron would affect ENCE’s gameplay, but Sergej clarified: “No, the crowd didn’t get into our head. Well, at least mine, I don’t know about the others, but I don’t think so. The only thing about the crowd was that we could obviously hear it, so when we had a pause it was hard to talk when the crowd was cheering so loud.”

Grace under pressure

Vega Squadron is one of the strongest participants in this season. Their last match event went to five maps before ENCE Esports managed to close out the game. When asked about the individual result of each map, Sergej said: “Our first pick was Train, and we had a lot of confidence on it. Inferno is a good map for us, we are confident on it all of the time. We won the first pistol and the game just started rolling. Dust2 has been a bit shaky for us in the past few months, but it was our best map for a long time when we made the team, we used to never lose on it, and we beat some good teams on it. On Mirage we had a bad start, but we were able to get nine rounds which was more than enough for us on T side. On Overpass we knew we were going to need a strong T side because our CT side can be a bit harsh sometimes.”

The aggressive style of Vega Squadron is the main reason the battle lasted longer than expected. It was a playstyle that’s hard to deal with, so Sergej shared his team’s secret counter-strategy: “we knew before that their playstyle is aggressive, so we just thought that if we play our  own game and play together, that should work. Also, that we needed to use our utility well so that they couldn’t be that aggressive, but it worked out for them.”

ECNE in the CSGO competitive scene

The StarSeries i-League Season 6 is the first major international LAN win of ENCE. Along the way, they took down CSGO teams Mousesports, Optic Gaming, and BIG. As a response to their success, Sergej confirmed where ENCE Esports see themselves as a team in the coming months: “I think if we play our game, we can be top 10. We still do many mistakes we shouldn’t do at this level, but if we fix our mistakes we could even be top 5. Yeah, I think we can. We’ll see next week at EPICENTER.”


Written by Derpina