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TIPIFY EXCLUSIVE: Come And Get Some – FREE SKINS & Steam Credits

Posted 19th October 2018 By: ThisIsSam    220 Views

TIPIFY EXCLUSIVE: Come & Get Some - FREE SKINS & Steam Credits

Esports News – Tipify launches new “Come And Get Some – FREE SKINS & Steam Credits” competition, which gives away 2x CSGO skins worth $50 each along with 1x Steam Credits worth $50. The competition was made successful with the help of sponsors Buff88 (review) and officialy opens on October 19.

The competition is more than meets the eye. In fact, winners of the CSGO skins and the Steam Credits can deposit their prizes on Buff88. And since the sports betting site offers an exclusive promotion with Tipify, you can use that to boost your bankrolls even further. Use the TIPIFY100 promotion and get a 100% bonus of up to €100 free playing credits on top of your initial deposit.

You can join Tipify’s latest promotion by completing the following:

Winners of the competition will be announced one month after the opening of the competition, November 19.


Written by ThisIsSam