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What To Expect? Toronto-Based Overwatch League Team To Host Unveiling Party

Posted 20th October 2018 By: Derpina    231 Views

What To Expect? Toronto-Based OWL Team Hosts Unveiling Party - Tipify

Esports News – The Overwatch League season 2 will see new regional representatives in the competition, and one of the new faces fans can expect are fresh competitors from Toronto, Canada. The franchise now has a general manager, coach, and $21.5 million in equity financing, but the players are yet to be revealed. To showcase the exciting new roster and other important details about the brand, the Toronto expansion team will hold a live unveiling event at Toronto’s Berkeley Church.

Unveiling event

Toronto broke the news via Twitter with a promotional banner saying “for our introduction to the world”. They posted it with a caption: “You want the deets? Join our unveiling party on October 24 at Toronto’s Berkeley Church (capacity limited). Can’t make it out? We got you – stay tuned.”

Based on the teaser, Toronto doesn’t really give any more details about how the introduction will pan out. But just like in the previous unveiling parties of the OWL, the organization might reveal the team’s name, logo, and branding at the event. Most likely, the team might also introduce some players from its official roster. The entire line-up, however, will be announced before season 2 as the Overwatch League signing window remains open for all teams in the league who want to make additional changes. Toronto and all the OWL teams have until December 1 to confirm at least eight players.

If all goes well in Toronto’s unveiling and introduction party, the reveal should include the core roster of six official players in the front. The transfer window will still welcome changes for over a month after that, so it’s possible that contenders player can get a spot on the team as substitutes. Toronto can sign other players if their numbers are under 12 players.

Esports and business

The ownership group holding the rights to Toronto Franchise, OverActive Media Group Inc., says the $21.5 million is the largest financing fund in the history of Canadian’s esports-focused business. The original cost of a franchise was estimated at US$20 million in its first year of operation in 2018, but reports suggest that the next round would go for a minimum of US$35 million. With a fund this big, it’s evident that Toronto will have a blast in their official introduction to the league.


Written by Derpina