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Boston Uprising Signs Fusions For OWL 2019

Posted 9th November 2018 By: Derpina    536 Views

Boston Uprising Signs Fusions For OWL 2019 - Tipify

Esports News – The signing and trading of teams for the Overwatch League Season 2 is currently on-going, and Boston Uprising is taking advantage of every opportunity by signing Cameron “Fusions” Bosworth for the next season. Fusion remains a part of Canadian Overwatch team Toronto Esports, but he’s granted a two-way contract by both teams for 2019.

The official announcement was welcomed by Chris “HuK” Loranger, the President of Gaming for The Kraft Group. He stated: “We are excited to add Cameron ‘Fusions’ Bosworth to our roster…We feel that ‘Fusions’ will be an important part of both the Uprising and Toronto Esports and we look forward to having him as a part of the team.”

Two-way contract

Fusions will begin his 2019 professional Overwatch season with Toronto Esports at the Overwatch Contenders, but he’s eligible to compete in the Overwatch League with Boston Uprising as well and counts as an official part of the team’s overall player limit of 12.

The two-way contract, however, comes with heavy consequences if Fusions failed to meet the requirements. He can lose his eligibility to compete with Toronto Esports if he plays more than two Overwatch League matches. Moreover, he’s not allowed to compete in both Overwatch League and Overwatch Contenders matches in the same week.

Before the league

Fusions is a 19-year old British player who made his professional debut in 2016 at the ESL UK Premiership: Summer 2016 under Cognate Esports. The team finished 3-4th. Succeeding that, he continued his career through weekly, monthly, and qualifier tournaments playing for the Potato Team and NerdRange.

After showcasing impressive results, Fusions was given a chance to play as a tank player for Team United Kingdom in the Overwatch World Cup. His new team executed excellent performances during the playoffs, and their roster consisting primarily of Overwatch Contenders players managed to upset the tournament favorites in Team United States. Fusions and his teammates even faced Team South Korea, one of the most powerful regions at the time, after tying two maps in its series against the reigning champions in the semifinals.

Before being discovered by Toronto and Boston for the World Cup and the League, Fusions was consistently nailing every Overwatch match for Team UK. He’s now one of the rising Tank players in the industry, always boasting off his signature heroes, Winston and Reinhardt, in aggressive playstyles.


Written by Derpina