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Crucial Points From OWL 2019’s Big Changes

Posted 10th November 2018 By: Derpina    200 Views

Crucial Points From OWL 2019’s Big Changes - Tipify

Esports News – The sophomore Overwatch League season will require all players, organizers, new expansion teams and old teams involved to focus on winning the matches and making the overall event successful. This can be tiring for many as it demands time, effort, and sacrifice from all parties. As a result, many personalities have taken a step back from the scene and organizers decided to make further changes following this event.

Florida Mayhem’s coach takes a break

Vytis Lasaitis, head coach of the Overwatch League’s Florida Mayhem, announced that he’s leaving the team temporarily to focus on his personal well-being. In an exclusive interview, Vytis shared his personal reasons on why he’s decided to take a break: “While it’s mostly an exhilarating journey, it also pushes all competitors to the limit and brings a heavy burden. Figuratively speaking, I’ve had to wear a lot of different hats since the regular season began, and it has now caught up to me. I’ve been experiencing burnout and various health issues since stage two, but it’s something I chose to neglect for a long time.”

Other players in the League also admitted that they’ve suffered from exhaustion and homesickness because of the demanding 40-match schedule from the inaugural season. It was even reported that the Shanghai Dragons spent 15 hours a day practicing for their first win, and New York Excelsior’s Kim “Pine” Do-Hyeon missed 10 games midseason because of a panic attack.

Inaugural schedule as a major concern

Nate Nanzer, the league’s commissioner, took into consideration the pressing concerns regarding the schedule after the first season wrapped. The point of concern is to adjust the schedule. In an interview, he shared: “There’s going to be more breaks both from practicing and playing. Mental health and wellness is something that we take super seriously at the league.”

The next Overwatch League season will only have a total of 28 regular season games. Teams will have weeks for a single match and bye weeks if they don’t compete at all.

Regional concentrations for season 2

Another concern is OWL’s tournament format, which is completely different from other esports international tournaments. It uses the same format used by sports leagues. When asked about the changes for this area, Nanzer answered: “Pretty much all we think about in the office these days is figuring out the operational complexity of operating a home-and-away e-sports league. So having regional concentrations of teams is definitely important for that.


Written by Derpina