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Doomfist and Briggite’s Updates Face Criticisms

Posted 24th November 2018 By: Derpina    422 Views

Doomfist and Briggite’s Updates Face Criticisms - Tipify

Esports News – Overwatch recently released a new meta for Doomfist and Brigitte, and some streamers and players are not happy about it. In response, Blizzard’s most popular game developer Geoff Goodman released a statement addressing the problems and issues players are encountering.


The newest Overwatch patch comes with lots of new weapons, bug fixes, audio change, and heroes’ builds. Briggite, a recently-introduced character, can no longer travel or stun targets through barriers, and her shield health was reduced. This offers new options for counter-play and enables shield tanks to better protect the player and his/her teammates. Doomfist, a brawler-style character, faced adjustments on his Rising Uppercut and Seismic Slam. His loss of air control duration is lowered to 0.6 seconds from 3 seconds, and his maximum range was reduced from 20 meters to 15 meters.

Other heroes who encountered changes were Bastion, Mccree, Soldier:76, and Torbjörn. It was Briggite and Doomfist’s new meta, however, that sparked issues and criticisms in the Overwatch community.


Most Overwatch heroes have a knockback or a stun, while Doomfist and Brigitte have both so the new meta makes it a bit more complicated. Some players may find it difficult to control them. Additionally, Brigitte’s presence on the enemy team is a disadvantage since it can be impossible to play other DPS heroes when she’s around; take Tracer as an example.

Overwatch lead designer Geoff Goodman has heard all about this and released a statement that his team will take a look at the crowd control. He posted on Twitter: “we’re looking carefully at the amount of crowd control abilities (stuns, knockbacks) and seeing if we can remove or reduce some of the effectiveness of some of these.”

True to his words, the upcoming Overwatch patch will adjust Brigitte’s total sun combo damage potential to allow her Whip Shot and basic melee attacks to retain their full strength despite her reduced Shield Bash. Doomfist’s ultimate ability, on the other hand, will have its inner ring damage radius increased from 1.5 meters to two meters. In this way, his maximum damage from the outer ring will decrease but will positively affect his maximum range.

With the Overwatch League Season 2 on its way, we should expect changes that would polish and improve overall gameplay for more uninterrupted Overwatch matches and action.


Written by Derpina