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EPICENTER 2018 MVP Niko Speaks About Faze Clan

Posted 1st November 2018 By: Derpina    293 Views

EPICENTER 2018 MVP Niko Speaks About Faze Clan - Tipify

Esports NewsFaze Clan is fresh from their victory at the EPICENTER 2018. The team’s top player, Nikola “Niko” Kovač, bagged the MVP award by and Betway after putting in a 1.48 rating in the grand final match against Natus Vincere. He was the fourth-highest rated player of the group stage even before he executed a more impressive performance in the playoffs. Niko leads the leaderboards in total headshots (110), kills (235), and opening frags (39). Moreover, he had the second-highest overall rating (1.33) and damage per round ratio (91.0).

This is Niko’s fourth MVP medal in his entire CSGO career and his second medal this year after ESL One Belo Horizonte. There’s no denying that Niko’s currently one of the best players in the entire CSGO scene this 2018. With that, let’s get into details as to how Niko and Faze Clan managed to bag multiple wins this season against other top-tier teams at the EPICENTER 2018.

Winning against Team Liquid

Many viewers didn’t take the event seriously due to the turmoil in the team. But after beating Team Liquid, Niko and Faze Clan were certain that they’ve played their own game regardless of the structure and fans’ expectations. He stated: “I think that we felt really great after beating NiP because we changed our game completely, comparing how we were playing in the group stage to how we were playing in the playoffs. When we were playing against NiP and could actually play our own game, we knew that we could win this event quite easily and we were just confident in it. I don’t know about them not taking us seriously, I’m pretty sure that every team is taking us seriously even though we have struggled recently. But as I said, we just found our game and that was the most important thing.”

Mirage as Faze Clan’s best map

Mirage was one of the most tricky maps Faze Clan had ever faced before entering the EPICENTER 2018. But, Faze managed to learn the ropes around it under pressure against Ninjas in Pyjamas in the group stage. Niko shared their overall experience on Mirage: “We have been struggling on Mirage online, for a few games I think, so we didn’t really feel comfortable playing it at this event at the beginning, that’s why I didn’t want to pick it against Na`Vi in the group stage. After we picked it against NiP we just started feeling better and better on the map, so we just went with the map we felt the most comfortable at the event. We kept picking it even though they could see how we play, we still believed that we can play our game on that map and that it can be really good.”

Game plan against Na’vi

The game plans and strategies of Faze Clan are somehow different each tournament, but their plan against Natus Vincere on Mirage saw the team executing fast hits on A all the time. Niko elaborated this by saying: “Against Na`Vi on Mirage, I knew that they watched the game we played against Liquid and we also started that game playing pretty fast. I also knew that s1mple was going to try to go B for the first few rounds because they thought we were going to try to abuse Zeus. So I called a few fakes on B at the beginning of the rounds, and then we just exploded A for, I think, the first two gun rounds. And then we actually went B when s1mple was not there, I think that was the third gun round. I just think the plan worked out pretty good.”

Faze Clan’s consistency

The fans and viewers have yet to see if Faze Clan will recreate their winning strategies this season. But one thing’s for sure, they will remain consistent this year as Niko said: “I haven’t thought about BLAST at all, I was first going to see how we play at this event and now I want to see if people can actually counter it, or if it is our game that we are feeling comfortable playing. For example on Mirage, even though people saw a playing really aggressive and fast, I think it is pretty hard to counter because we fake a lot with the fast nades so they don’t really know what we are going to do. Maybe on some other maps they could adapt and see how we play. I haven’t thought about BLAST at all, and Chicago as well, I don’t know what is going to be our game plan for those events.”


Written by Derpina