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ESEA Global Challenge 29: Teams, Schedule, Format

Posted 22nd November 2018 By: Derpina    286 Views

ESEA Global Challenge 29: Teams, Schedule, Format - Tipify
Esports News – The E-Sports Entertainment Association (ESEA) League has released to the public the overview of Global Challenge CSGO Season 29, an exclusive tournament in Dallas, Texas that also hosts the relegation process of the European and North American ESL Pro League.

Team, schedule, format

The actual CSGO tournament and the ESL event will culminate at the Mavs Gaming training facility. The battle between the European and North American relegation and the grand finals of the Mountain Dew League (MDL) is set to take place from December 5-6. The winner from the MDL final will have a secure spot in the 9th season of the ESL Pro League, while the defeated teams will compete in the relegation process to get the last two spots from each region. It was 3DMAX and Virtus.Pro who dominated the last season of the European region, while Swole Patrole and cantwinalan were the representatives of North America.

ESL PRO LEAGUE (Wednesday, December 5th)

00:00 – 3DMAX vs
04:30 – Swole Patrol vs cantwinalan

ESL RELEGATION (Thursday, December 6th)

Sweden – NiP (EPL #12)
Sweden – fnatic (EPL #13)
Poland – Kinguin (MDL #3)

North America
US – Rogue (EPL #10)
US – Envy (EPL #11)
US – Singularity (MDL #3)

The Global Challenge then follows ESL’s event and the relegation. It’s set on December 7 to 9 and will see eight teams from different MDL and ESEA events. The contenders are MDL’s top three teams in each of the main regions and the winners of Australian MDL and Brazilian ESEA Open. All will be divided into two groups of four, following the double-elimination GSL format.

The group stage requires the teams to play in best-of-one opening and winner’s matches in the upper bracket and best-of-three matches in the elimination and deciding rounds. The two teams from each group then advances to the Playoffs to face the remaining contenders in a single-elimination bracket with best-of-three matches.

The complete list of CSGO teams qualified for the Season 29’s Global Challenge is as follows:

  • US – Swole Patrol
  • US – cantwinalan
  • US – Singularity
  • Australia – Grayhound
  • France – 3DMAX
  • Poland –
  • Poland – Kinguin
  • Brazil #1 – TBD


Written by Derpina