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Guangzhou Charge’s Logo and Branding Reveal

Posted 17th November 2018 By: Derpina    337 Views

Guangzhou Charge’s Logo and Branding Reveal - Tipify

Esports News – Overwatch League’s expansion team Guangzhou, China unveils their name, branding, and logo. The “Guangzhou Charge” is the second Chinese team to join the League, next to the Shanghai Dragons from the first season. Two other Chinese teams (representing Hangzhou and Chengdu) are part of the new additions that have been added to Blizzard Entertainment’s line-up.

This is number four of the eight teams to be revealed, and we have yet to see the remaining four. If reports are accurate, the next teams we should expect features the Chengdu Hunters, Hangzhou Spark, Washington Justice, and the still unknown Vancouver team.

Team background

Guangzhou Charge represents their home region, encompassing the Guangdong-Hong-Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area. The team is owned and operated by Nenking Group, a Chinese conglomerate providing financial and entertainment services. They will compete under the Pacific Division of the Overwatch League starting the 2019 season on February.

Logo and name

The announcement was posted on the team’s official Twitter page, @GZ Charge. It was a 52-second promotional video presenting the team and the city of Guangzhou. The logo was revealed at the end of the clip. It displayed multiple shades of blue and teal coloration, mostly inspired by the city’s waterways, avant-garde architecture, and ancestral lands.

The team’s official skins for the league were also introduced with Moira and Hanzo as the main heroes. The promotional video sparked mixed reactions from the Overwatch community as most fans commended the teal and dark blue coloration, while some pointed out that it looks like a rip-off of the Gatorade logo.

Sonny Xia, the CEO of Guangzhou Charge, took the liberty to explain how the team’s name was chosen. From his public statement, he mentioned: “We chose Charge because it expresses our vision to lead the esports movement in China and to be at the forefront of innovation. It also expresses our vision for a competitive team that plays aggressive and bold.” In addition to the name, Chris Hwang, the team’s Marketing and Creative Director, explained the meaning behind the logo: “We want to build an international organization and fanbase, so the goal for our team brand was to create a symbol for Guangzhou that people from all of the world can instantly recognize. We took inspiration from iconic sports logos where simple letters have grown to represent an entire city.


Written by Derpina