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HAVU Gaming Wins IESF World Championship 2018

Posted 15th November 2018 By: Derpina    270 Views

HAVU Gaming Wins IESF World Championship 2018 - Tipify

Esports News – Team HAVU Gaming, one of Finland’s top-tier representatives in the international CSGO circle, won the recent IESF World Championship 2018. They took down the Swedish team Flow and secured the title after a 3-0 victory in Dust2 (16-6), Cache (16-4), and Train (16-8).

Tournament recap

The IESF World Championship 2018 was held in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. It introduced 26 CSGO teams from all over the world to battle the title and prize pool out in an “Olympic Style” gaming. In here, teams could only get players from one country, and only one team should represent that country in the competition.

The tournament began with a round-robin stage featuring Best of One matches. Surprisingly, many notable teams faced elimination at this stage such as Vietnam’s Revolution, Switzerland’s Berzerk, Denmark’s AaB Elite. These teams also carried some of the most popular CSGO players in the world, Cong “crazyguy” Anh Ngo and Manuel “SolEk” Zeindler’s Berzerk.

The dominating teams at the event, such as HAVU Gaming, Nexus, Flow and FrostFire advanced to the playoffs. Flow eliminated SCARZ Absolute shortly after and managed to reach the grand final by taking down Ground Zero and Beyond.

Meanwhile, the winning team HAVU went through difficulties after facing two strong contenders, Giants, and Nexus. Some maps took more than 10 rounds, but HAVU managed to close each and every round before the grand finals.

The victories of HAVU Gaming and Flow brought the tournament to a Nordic grand final. The two faced each other in a Best of 5 format, but it actually ended in three rounds because of HAVU’s undefeated run.

It all started on Dust2 when HAVU turned their 10-5 CT side into a 16-6 lead with a near-flawless T side before heading to the next map, Cache. In here, HAVU’s Rifler Jesse “zehN” Linjala executed an impressive performance in 28K-11D, securing a 16-14 victory for HAVU. The third and final map was Train, the decider round for Flow. HAVU still dominated half the round and finished the T-side with a 9-6 lead. In the end, the winning team closed out the game with 16-8.

Final standings for IESF World Championship 2018

(Top 8 CSGO teams With Prizes and Recognitions)

1. Finland HAVU – $10,000
2. Sweden Flow – $6,000
3. Romania Nexus – $4,000
4. Thailand Beyond
5-8. Portugal Giants
5-8. Australia Ground Zero
5-8. Israel Aequus
5-8. Malaysia FrostFire


Written by Derpina