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LoL Player Experiments On Diana’s New Meta

Posted 23rd November 2018 By: Derpina    623 Views

LoL Player Experiments On Diana’s New Meta - Tipify

Esports News – Diana is one of the strongest female champions in League of Legends’ Heroes Evolved. In her honor, Riot Games released a new LoL video containing several builds and playstyles that players can use to experiment with during the tournament’s preseason.

The mew meta for 2019

The 2018 season ended with players now focused on the preseason, so the developers have more innovative builds and playstyles to introduce until the next LoL season comes alive.

Riot Game’s team posted a video on YouTube containing a promotional clip about the upcoming Preseason 2019, introducing the question: “Is it Meta?”. It encourages the players to do some experiments and try out different fighting combinations using the new runes and stats, especially for Diana who can wield six Wit’s Ends.

The new rune can actually be separated into rune pants from the base stats, so players can choose their own bonus stats to go along with the runes in the Stat Shards. Among the stats, players can pick armor, MR, health, attack speed, AP, AD, and adaptive damage. This is basically a combination between the 2018 rune system and the old rune pages before the League’s season 8.

Experimenting with Diana

After Riot Games published the video, a player who goes by the name “LittleBroPanda” sparked a debate in the LoL Community when he took Diana build for a spin and created Wit’s Ends on the champion—basically testing the new system.

LittleBroPanda shared his experiment on YouTube and Reddit, and it garnered mixed reactions from fans and players alike. Showing his discontentment, he posted a statement on LoL’s subreddit page: “Whoever at Riot recommended this build needs a stern talking to. IT’S NOT EVEN FUN. Caps out on attack speed pretty early because you get attack speed on your passive. You are spending 2.4k gold for 720g worth of magic resist after the 3rd wits end. I had to give up and sell my wits end for actual items on my last game. I guess this build brought me to my wits’ end.”

LittleBroPanda built normal items that would usually be bought for Diana and piled up several Wit’s Ends on the champion using some Dark Seals and a new formula. Despite what Riot recommends, this can be a nuisance for many since purchasing multiple Wit’s Ends requires a lot of in-game currency. The pieces of evidence from LittBroPanda’s video and statement showed that the technique only emphasizes Diana’s attack speed and magic resist over building her ability power, but other than that, she’s the same.


Written by Derpina